Best Amazon Fire Stick Apps for Movies 2021

Charlotte Miller

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So, you’re either thinking of getting the Amazon Fire Stick TV device or have just bought one and are now looking for ways to make it worthwhile. Whichever it is, we’re glad you’re on this blog because here, we will be discussing all the best apps for watching top movies for Amazon Fire TV Stick! 

Word of caution before we proceed, there are several great applications for the Fire Stick, and there is simply no way to cover them all. However, this list would be a great starting place if you’re looking for must-haves to set up your TV. visit here to know about the best series watch.

The best part? Most of these applications are free and can be downloaded right on your device. Now that we have that out of the way let’s get started talking about them! 

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Even though Netflix is one of the applications that isn’t free, it’s certainly worth giving the first spot to. Home to some of the top shows and movies, this one offers an ad-free, smooth, and seamless experience. 

Even though Netflix stopped offering free trials, it does let you cancel anytime because there are no lengthy contracts. Sounds like too good a deal? Well, what are you waiting for? Download Netflix today! 


YouTube doesn’t need any introduction—it’s simply the platform none of us can live without. Until 2019, the YouTube application wasn’t available for Fire Stick because of a rough patch between the two giants Amazon and Google; however, that was thankfully resolved, bringing the YouTube app to the Fire TV platform. 

All set up with the huge screen, the ‘cast’ option to play videos directly from your phone, the YouTube Fire Stick application is sure to transform your YouTube experience. And then sky is the limit. From vlogs, to movies and music videos, there’s no end to what you can watch on YouTube. What’s the wait for? Download it today! 

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BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer can’t compete with Netflix, but it has evolved and grown a lot in the past couple of years, offering highly-rated shows like Gossip Girl to the mix. You can enjoy catch-up shows and movies from all the BBC channels and even stay up to date with news.

But that’s not all! The platform even lets you watch select box sets from the BBC archives. If you love the UK media and entertainment industry, this is the application to get. If you are unable to get is access outside UK region then try using vpn for streaming BBC iplayer.


If you grew up with as many fairytales as we did, you’d know why the Disney+ application makes an excellent addition to your Fire Stick TV. With numerous magical shows and movies, this platform appeals to audiences of all ages. 

Recently Disney+ also started streaming blockbusters from Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic making it an experience that is more than just for kids. Offering users access to 4K streaming, this platform supports up to 7 user profiles, offering entertainment for the entire family, and comes at a super affordable price tag of £5.99/month. 


Love shows like Love Island and Coronation Street? Are you looking for more like those to spend your weekend watching after a long week at work? We get you! The good news is that there are plenty more where they came from, and you can watch them all with the ITV Hub Fire Stick application! 

However, even with the brilliant collection, you will have to put up with some advertisements. If that doesn’t annoy you too much, the ITV Hub is an intelligent application added to your Fire Stick bunch. Here’s to fun weekends at home! 


It’s safe to say that your collection of apps for your Fire Stick TV won’t be complete leaving My5 out of the mix. With channel 5, you can catch up with the latest episodes of new shows, box-sets of some of the best and most widely acclaimed classics, and even catch reality shows like Big Brother. 

That’s not all, though, knowing that the application is UK-based, there is also no shortage of American and Australian shows so that you won’t be missing out on a lot. The only slightly annoying downside is the fact that there are adverts that you can’t skip. 


Now, you don’t always want to watch new shows and movies or even watch online. Sometimes, you want to watch your existing video files that you recorded with your cell phone camera or camcorder years ago. 

Maybe you want to watch your wedding video or the one you made when your baby took their first steps, or perhaps that best friend’s birthday ten years ago that ended in a colossal disaster. Whatever video you want to watch, Plex makes it possible for you to stream it on your Fire Stick TV. The best part? The app is free! (though it does come with a premium version which you’ll have to pay for if you want to switch over.)