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Hotmail is one of the best email services all around the planet. Sabeer Bhatia and his partner Jack Smith launch hotmail in July 1996. After 1 year in 1977, a firm name Microsoft purchased hotmail for $400M and renamed MSN hotmail, and after that MSN, Hotmail services have replaced and is now as in 2013.

Hotmail/Outlook claims that they have almost 400M active users in 2013. Now worldwide hotmail users have crossed billions and still rising. All Hotmail services are now working as

Hotmail provides 5GB of free storage to every user who makes a hotmail account. Hotmail email addresses still exist and accessible for old users. Anyway, now if you want to make new hotmail account, you will not be capable to make it with the @hotmail prefix. The just accessible prefixes now are and

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Hotmail features

There are a lot of remarkable specs of hotmail, we are highlighting few and important specs below.

Storage: Sign up for your Microsoft hotmail account to get 15 GB free storage and improve your account to get 50 GB email storage.

Account expiration: Outlook account expires when the account is active for ninety days or more

Security: This bulk email sender is now extremely secure as matched to other email services. The Hotmail spam filters does a perfect job. It scans all incoming attachment and emails, mechanically detects malware and all spam email viruses, and puts them into the spam folder.

Spelling checkers: Spelling checkers is included so you can right all spelling errors before sending emails.

Languages: One of the top hotmail specs it is accessible in 30 plus languages.

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Hot mail also permits you to filter your messages and contacts so that with would be simple for you to delete files. There is also search auto-complete spec that can help you search mails effectively with less effort. This will keep you time from locating the message that you wanted to view.

You can even view the talk that you have had with your friends if ever that you want to go back to a vital message. If you are hesitate about unnecessary messages that you get every day, all you have to perform is to use the sweep button that will stop you from viewing messages, like for example newsletter of a particular firm, in your inbox. There are still more specs that you will definitely enjoy when using Hotmail that can offer you ease when connecting with people.

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How to create hotmail account

Anyone can make an account for Hotmail. It is free of cost, and it will forever be. Now you can make your free outlook (hotmail) account simply by following the below guiding steps:

  1. First, open the browser, search
  2. Enter special email address like ([email protected]) or ([email protected]).
  3. Make a password that must be powerful to make password powerful use capital letters, numbers, and unique characters like !@#.
  4. Now, add your special first name and last name
  5. Pick your country and include the right date of birth
  6. Solve the puzzle rightly
  7. You have successfully created your account.