Dog clothes it’s more useful than you think.

Charlotte Miller

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Dog clothes All-time favorite fashion for dog lovers.

If it was in the past that people used to keep dogs just for labor and watch over the house, it’s rare to see a dog dressed in beautiful clothes. It’s also a joke for many people. But at present, the purpose and behavior of raising dogs have changed a lot. 

Today, people owning a kuoser dog tuxedo is just as much as viewing them as another important member of the family. Therefore, the existence of various factors of the dog has changed in a better way, whether it is food, sleeping, bed, medicine until the subject clothes for dogs that many caregivers People think it’s not weird and funny anymore where dogs have their own fashion trends

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Dog clothes Benefits beyond fashion and beauty

Everyone knows that dog clothing trends are mainly about beauty. When we dress up a cute dog, take it outside whoever sees it, sees it as being cute and adorable. We, the owner, smile and are delighted. It’s nice to see people watching our dogs, but do you know that dog clothes are more useful than beauty and fashion? 

Dog clothes and shedding

Each year around the time when people raise long-haired dog breeds, there will be a headache. “The dog sheds its coat”, which is a year, dogs, whether long-haired or short-haired, will shed their hair 1-2 times a year. Admin will tell you later. 

Shedding is possible with all dog breeds. Whether long or short the dog will have a period when he sheds his fur. The problem that follows is in our house, it may be full of dog hair flying all over the house. There is dog hair following the clothes or various appliances; this is a natural matter. Can’t really stop But we, the owners, can ease the problem of dog hair that spreads throughout the house during this shedding season by 

  • Be sure to clean in different areas of the house with a vacuum cleaner
  • Clean our clothes with a roll of dog hair removal tape. 
  • Put clothes on the dog to prevent hair shedding spread throughout the house to a certain extent 
  • However, we should change clothes for the dog often for the good hygiene of the dog itself 

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Dog clothes for warmth in winter 

Who said dogs can’t be cold. It’s a misunderstanding although dogs have a higher body temperature than humans. But on a cold day, our dog may be cold and sick. Which we can prevent and mitigate this can help reduce and prevent colds, discomfort, and damp lungs in dog’s especially small and short-haired dogs. If it’s winter, don’t forget. Wear clothes for your dog. It’s better than letting your dog get sick and having to pay a lot of money for medication to the vet.

Dog clothes help the dog lick the wound

It’s a dog’s nature that when he’s wounded will lick his wounds. This is a national problem of the owner who is treating the dog’s wounds. Because the more you lick the wound your dog’s wound will not dry out, heal slowly, and have a higher chance of infection by wearing clothes for the dog this is a way to make it more difficult for the dog to lick the wound. This method is recommended by the admin of Kuoser dog coats shops. If the owner still doesn’t want to put a space speaker on the dog plus wearing clothes for the dog. It also annoys him less than wearing a collar to lick it. 

Dog clothes help the dog get dirty less (a little). 

It is normal and the nature of the dog again. They will be mischievous, digging, digging, digging, and digging on the sandstone ground time to go out or playthings in the house until scattered wearing clothes for dogs this makes the hair in the part that is covered by clothing come out less exposed to external dirt. Make your dog less dirty and the stench is born more slowly. It also has important advantages. Help the dog when returning from playing naughty outside the house. Do less dirty in our house as well. I can see this advantage. Dog lovers don’t forget to find clothes for the naughty ones to wear.