How to Nail the Minimalist Interior Design

Charlotte Miller

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Minimalism has been a dominant choice in interior design for quite some time. Since the 2000s, minimalist interior design has been a preferable choice for Condo and HDB owners. Of course, some scepticists find the style dull and with little to no aesthetic qualities. 

On the contrary, there’s much more to the minimalist interior design than painting your walls in plain white. Indeed, minimalism has a long history of stripping every interior to its essentials as a form of art. Still, many homeowners think this style doesn’t require much effort to achieve. 

You’ll embrace its functionality and clean-lined aesthetics only when you grasp the simplicity behind the modern minimalist interior design. If you strive to create a practical home, here’s how to nail this artistic interior style in your home.

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What’s the idea behind minimalist interior design?

Before you begin your Condo or HDB interior renovation, it’s a good idea to learn more about minimalism. Firstly, it’s crucial to note that the concept started as an art movement sometime after World War II.  Since then, the campaign has expanded in different areas, including architecture and interior design. 

In a sense, the modern minimalist design revolves around stripping down the interior to its essentials. While it’s similar to the Scandinavian style, minimalism emphasises the “Less is more” principle. Of course, giving way to simplicity will still see plenty of layered patterns and textures, all adorned with mid-century elements.

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How to nail the minimalist interior design in your HDB?

Since modern HDB and Condo homes tend to be tiny, minimalism seems the perfect solution for every interior. In this regard, it’s safe to say that nailing the minimalist interior design will make your HDB feel spacious and clutter-free. However, achieving it would require you to pick every detail so it serves its purpose carefully. Here’s a thorough guide that will give you valuable insight into each room in your home:

The Living Room

Undoubtedly, the living room is where we spend much of our time when at home. Moreover, it’s the room our guests first see when they visit us. In this regard, you must make a statement with a modern minimalist living room. Here, the most common combination features typical minimalist elements with a twist of contemporary and chic notes. 

To achieve the desired effect, you must focus on the simple but cosy appeal. You can freely experiment with industrial-style elements like modern seatings and metal light fixtures. On the other hand, you should bring in some contemporary furniture pieces. Therefore, you should focus on the clean lines and contrasting neutrals. For example, you can adorn your floor with a plush rug while adding bolder colours as accents.

Indeed, the soft lines of every piece of furniture in the minimalist HDB interior exude functionality and subtle elegance. If your budget allows, you can take it to the next level by using luxe materials like marble, hides and velvet. In this regard, it’s safe to mix mid-century furniture with the rest of your interior. Still, a functional storage coffee table, some neutral-coloured cushions and throws are more than enough. Ultimately, sticking to the neutral and light-wood hues will quickly transform your living room into a functional and relaxing space.

The Bedroom

Perhaps, the bedroom is the second place where we spend most of our time at home. However, it’s also the rest cove that may make or break our good night’s sleep. In this regard, you must decorate your bedroom carefully. As always, your minimalist HDB interior design should have loads of soft grey pillows, blankets and rugs.

Here, the idea is to get the most out of minimalism while adding modern accents. Of course, you can always add some industrial elements and mix them with contrasting black and white details. Alternatively, bring in a striking bed, or you can buy one with a frame and a matching headboard. 

If you’re a fan of luxe, you can replace the industrial pieces of furniture for some mid-century inspiration. What’s more, you can focus on the earthy tones and wooden furnishing. Of course, don’t forget to use bright white as a foundation and build up the palette with some natural colours. 

An exemplary combination would be a round-shaped wooden side table with a warm-toned rug and clean-lined fixtures. Complete the looks with white bedding, a grey headboard, a night lamp, and some wall art.

The Dining Room

In most HDB and Condo interiors, the dining room is a part of an open-concept area. Still, every rule can safely apply, corresponding with the overall minimalist feel. For example, you can adorn your dining corner with a stylish chandelier or another mid-century-style fixture. Of course, let’s not forget about the table and chairs. 

Usually, the contrast between black and white wouldn’t hit the same without a pop of deep wood tones. Therefore, it’s safe to say that the woody tones perfectly fit the overall neutrality. Indeed, the traditional look works great in terms of functionality. For instance, you can combine a set of upholstered chairs with a modern wooden table. Alternatively, you can use a bench instead of the chairs. Make sure you complete the looks with some greenery and wall art. 

The Kitchen

While every great kitchen’s purpose conveys practicality, the minimalist version is on another level. Like every other part of your home, you can safely use neutral colours or even go the all-white route. Either way, adding light wood accents can do wonders, while the contrasting hues will complement the overall look. If you create an open-plan kitchen, you’ll effortlessly overflow the area with the rest of the minimalist interior design.

Whether you use marble or something cheaper as your countertop material, make sure you keep it clean and straightforward. If you prefer the monochromatic look, you can get a set of white cabinets and bring in some black appliances. Alternatively, you can play with colours by adding some yellow or red pops here and there. Moreover, you can install Herringbone or fish scale tiles for a more contemporary feel. 

Final Thoughts

When designing an HDB or Condo, choosing minimalist interior design style is an easy choice. The “less is more” concept fits perfectly into the homeowners’ expectations, as the style embraces simplicity to the fullest. What’s more, you are free to blend it with elements from Scandinavian, modern and even mid-century styles. That way, you can create the ultimate elegant and clutter-free space for your HDB home.