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Stock market analysis is the foundation of the stock market investment. Investing in equity means purchasing shares of a business in anticipation of profiting from an increase in the value of the business. Relying only on market news or articles is not sufficient. Conducting proper research to know that the company is making profits, not going into debt, and has satisfied customers will strengthen your confidence in the organization. 

Therefore, you need a sturdy authority that provides you with concrete information and proficient stock analysis. By analysing and tracking data of over 20 stock market apps, we have ascertained the best stock analysis app for the Indian stock market. 

StockEdge is India’s top equity and research analytics app. It is available in both web version and app. It furnishes its users with the most important stock market metrics. It has a simple and interactive interface and you can easily retrieve crucial information and research data lucidly through this application. 

In this article, we will walk you through some of the important features of StockEdge and provide you with a comprehensive idea how it helped lakhs of stock market traders and investors in outperforming the benchmark index and generating colossal wealth. 

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StockEdge Web Top Features

When you open the StockEdge web version, on the left panel, you will find four broad headings, Equities, Mutual Funds, My StockEdge, and Learn. Under these broad sections, you will find out smaller segments that form the basis for your stock market analysis. 


On opening the Equities tab, you will find the Explore, Analytics, and Premium Edge Reports sections. 

  • Explore 

The explore section primarily entails:

  • Daily Updates: In this section, you will find out the important news and updates related to the stock market. News play an important role in stock and indices movement which in turn influences the stock market movements. The news is primarily focused on sector, industry, company and are also regional, national, and international. 
  • FII/DII Activity: The FII/DII activity hugely influences the stock market as foreign traders trade in bulk amounts. The research and analytics team of StockEdge provide you with quick analytics of the activities by the Foreign Institutional Investors and help you track the inflow and outflow of money in the market. 
  • Indices: An index is used to measure the performance of a market or stock relative to its benchmark. BSE index SENSEX comprises of 30 stocks whereas NSE index NIFTY comprises of 50 stocks. If the value of the stocks within the index changes, consequently, the value of the index also changes. In this section, you will find snapshots of major indices’ movements. 
  • Deals: Under this icon, you will find out the major deals a company makes with the government or a foreign company. 
  • Analytics
  • Scans: A scan is a predetermined algorithm-based stock analysis and screening tool that estimates a stock’s potential. StockEdge is India’s finest stock screening app. It has multiple scans such as the Price Scans, Fundamental Scans, Technical Scans, Volume and Delivery Scans, Candlestick Scans, Futures and Options Scans, and Strike Wise Option Scans. Further under these scans, you will find sub-scans that enhance your analysis even more. For example, under Price Scans, you will find Previous Day Breakout Scans, Monthly and Weekly Breakout Scans, 5-year Breakout Scans, and more. 
  • Investment Ideas: Under this section, the StockEdge team has curated a list of investable stocks by conducting thorough internal assessment of organization’s fundamentals and technical of its stocks. 
  • Investor Portfolios: The purpose of this feature is to provide you with a list of famous Individual and Institutional Investor Groups. StockEdge has grouped all companies with the same family name, spellings, or group names under their respective investor groups. 
  • Edge Reports: The StockEdge analyst team has come up with Case Studies, Con Call Analysis, Infographics, and IPO notes. In Case Studies, the data of an organization is examined using fundamental analysis reports. Con Call Reports are reports that comprises of crucial notes during the meeting with an organization’s manager. Infographics are visual representations of the latest market developments using fundamental, technical, and derivative data. Lastly, you will get IPO and Sectoral reports in the IPO notes. 

By using the Premium Edge Reports you will deeply delve into a company, and take power in your hands by conducting self-research. 

When you select a particular company and its stock to invest in, you will get charts that accelerate your research. The charts show how the stock has been performing and how it tends to perform in the future. For all shares trading on the NSE and BSE, you can view the adjusted price and charts along with the daily volume information. This further make StockEdge our favourite stock chart analysis app. 

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Mutual Funds

Next, we head to the Mutual Funds section. Under this also you find the Explore and Analytics option. 

  • Explore

If you are someone who is eager to invest in mutual funds, then StockEdge has got you covered. The Explore section covers AMC, Classes, Schemes, NFO, RGESS, Fund Managers, Custodians, and Registrars. In the AMC section you will find all the listed AMCs like SBI Mutual Fund, ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund, and the number of schemes under them. Moreover, you will also get a list of Fund Managers who are responsible for managing portfolio and initiating investing strategy. 

  • Analytics

In the Mutual Fund Investment Themes you will be able to study themes in an organized way. With this you can decide on which mutual fund to invest keeping in mind your investment horizon. And, under AUM analysis on the basis of asset type, you will get reports of month-wise Assets Under Management (AUM) of a mutual fund. 

My StockEdge

This is your section. You can customize StockEdge as per your wish and needs. You can create your own watchlist, scans, stock notes, mutual fund notes, general notes, and more. Single scanners or multiple scanners can be customized on a single stock. You can do it easily through My Scans and My Combo Scans. This feature is effortless to use and you can customize items and list as you like. 


When we choose the best stock market analysis app for you, we will ensure that while using the app for analysis, you learn simultaneously. You will get tutorials and content on various financial market topics developed by Kredent Academy and Elearnmarkets. In addition to a video by an expert, the content provides an introduction about the topic and tips on becoming an expert. Each course video ensures that you are able to conduct self-research by learning various essential financial market fundamentals on technical analysis, derivatives, fundamental analysis, mutual funds, and more. 

If the videos do not quench your thirst for knowledge, you can opt for the courses and broaden your knowledge horizon. 

StockEdge Pricings

You can use StockEdge for free. But you can use premium and elite features by opting for StockEdge Premium and StockEdge Club. By opting for these options, you will get more advanced features that will give wings to your trading journey. 

StockEdge Premium is available at Monthly (INR 399), Quarterly (INR 999), and Yearly (INR 2999) plans. StockEdge Club is also available Monthly (INR 1499), Quarterly (INR 3999), and Yearly (INR 14999) plans. When you opt for StockEdge Club you will get access to expert analysts, access to multiple courses by experts for lifetime, and advanced features. 

Financial Takeaway

Stock market analysis is vital for spotting stocks that can make your invested money into a lumpsum amount. Taking a look at a company’s financial statements can aid in making an informed decision about the company’s stability, growth, and growth potential. By doing stock analysis through StockEdge you can spot the most important metrics lucidly.