How Small Businesses Can Utilize Conference Calls

Charlotte Miller

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As a small business, you are forced to do a lot with a little. You’re always trying to find ways to reduce costs, but you also know that investments are necessary to build your professional image. Conference calls are one such investment that is highly versatile and can help with landing sales.

Professional Image

There are many free and budget conference call systems, but the problem is that you have to find dial-ins or meeting links. It’s a hassle for you, which means it’s also a hassle for your clients. A dedicated conference call number means that you pick your own number and you don’t need a different dial-in each time.

Not only that, but your clients will find it easier to connect with you. This also makes you look more professional because this is how larger businesses conduct their conference calls.

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Team Collaboration

Your team needs to connect in order for business to go smoothly. A conference call system ensures that everyone can meet and discuss operations. You should set regular meetings, such as daily or weekly, so that everyone can connect over big clients and projects. This also allows different departments to share ideas.

Your business will become much more efficient if everyone can easily connect with a conference call system.

Also, telephone answering service is one of the best solution for small businesses to utilize conference calls.

Sales and Pitches

Many sales and pitches will be dealt with by a single agent, but some of the bigger ones require a more collaborative approach. Conference call systems allow multiple people to be on the call for a more sophisticated sale. For example, you can have multiple managers on the same call so that deals can be made immediately.

This is the ideal way to handle larger clients who need special handling. Instead of forcing everyone to go back and forth, this ensures that all the decisions can be made during the sales call. It also shows that you’re willing to go the extra mile for your client.

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Better Quality and Reliability

You may not consider speed or quality to be incredibly important during a conference call, but it’s a necessity. Free providers give you minimal resources, which can lead to voices getting lost, calls being dropped and lags between conversations. That all adds up to lost sales and clients going elsewhere.

Choosing a reliable conference call provider will ensure that you don’t have to deal with these problems.


If you’re rolling out a new product, making new policies or have a unique marketing strategy, then you’ll want to create a presentation. A conference call service allows you to share your screen so that you can display the presentation to everyone in the company along with clients and affiliates.

A dedicated conference call solution ensures that the presentation is stable while also making sure that everyone can see it.


A conference call system is necessary even if you’re a small business. This builds your professional image while also helping you connect with clients and employees. While you have to wisely consider your investments, this is one that will help your business grow.