3 Questions for a Real Estate Agent

Charlotte Miller

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Are you looking to hire a real estate agent?

Perhaps you’re planning to snap up a new home and you want an agent like thproperties.com who can help you make a good purchase.. Or maybe you want to sell your home and you need an agent to help you sell it.

Regardless of the reason behind your need for a letting agent, you want to work with the best agent in your area.

How do you find such an agent considering that there are over 1 million of them in active practice? You need to ask them the right questions.

Here are some key questions for a real estate agent.

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  1. What Are Your Professional Qualifications?

Real estate agents must complete some professional training and meet state licensing requirements. This is why you should ask about an agent’s professional qualifications before you hire them.

Generally, you want them to tell you that they’re licensed in your state. With an active license, you can rest assured that they have met the training requirements. You’ll be confident that you’re working with someone who knows their stuff.

You might also be interested in someone with additional qualifications. For example, an agent who is also a realtor is more likely to offer you better services than one who isn’t a realtor.

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  1. What’s Your Area of Specialization?

Although a licensed real estate agent can deal in any type of real estate, most agents opt to specialize in one area.

For instance, some agents only work with sellers while others work with buyers. A seller’s agent can also specialize further. They can focus on selling single-family homes exclusively.

As such, you want to hire an agent who specializes in the kind of real estate you need. If you’re looking to buy a luxury home, look for an agent who specializes in the sales of luxury homes.

  1. What’s Your Experience?

In terms of experience, there are all kinds of real estate agents. There are rookies who’ve just obtained their state licenses and looking to learn the ropes. There are those who’ve gained some experience, and there are others who have vast experience.

You don’t want a rookie working for you, right?

This is why you should ask the level of experience an agent has before you can hire them. If you’re buying a luxury home, you want to know the number of such properties the agent has helped clients buy.

You’re probably wondering how you can verify the experience an agent has. After all, anyone can make up figures.

There’s a way to verify whether what an agent is saying is true or not. Just check the reviews they have online. An experienced agent must have accumulated a ton of reviews from past clients.

The Right Questions for a Real Estate Agent

When you ask the right questions for a real estate agent, you’re in a better position to find the best agent. The good news is you don’t have to scratch your head over the questions to ask because we’ve done the homework for you.

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