How Modernizing IT Can Improve Your Business

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How Modernizing IT Can Improve Your Business

There are a wide range of benefits of considerations associated with modernized IT infrastructures. Businesses all over the world are looking to make themselves better suited to adapt to sudden and significant changes in business environments – this is what we called Business Agility. The modern business world is incredibly fast-paced, and is constantly changing. What is more, you can never rule out a sudden and impactful event happening on a global scale – a perfect example of this is the onset of COVID-19. This is precisely why, when modernizing their IT, a business should be designing their new solutions to maximize speed and flexibility of underlying business processes.

IT Modernization

Modernizing IT is the process of overhauling a business’ existing IT infrastructure – this might involve upgrading systems, replacing systems altogether, upgrading hardware and software, reconfiguring technology solutions to make them more efficient. All of this should be with the intention of making business processes, workflows, communication and collaboration, and the delivery of products and services quicker and more efficient.

An IT services company London-based businesses have partnered with to modernize their IT is TechQuarters. They spoke to us about the benefits of modernizing IT infrastructure, and what considerations need to be made if you wish to do it.

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Why Modernize?

In the age of technology, it is not really a choice to modernize IT, it is a survival tactic. If you aren’t implementing modern solutions, you are risking falling behind the competition. However, incentives to modernize are not all fear-based; there are a huge number of benefits to IT modernization – here are just a few of them:

Better Efficiency – have you ever felt like you were wasting valuable time on tasks that are highly repetitive, and hard to do quickly, and yet aren’t doing much to expand the business? Essential tasks like taking inventory, ordering products, providing customer service? All of these are important, but low-value in terms of business development. With Modernized IT, a business can implement solutions to streamline and even automate these types of tasks, which can save lots of time.

Convenience for Customers – one of the biggest factors in the success of a business is the customer experience. If the customer feels inconvenienced by a business, they will have very little incentive to return, or even purchase the product or service in the first place. This is why customer convenience is important. Modernized IT can enable this, with solutions that improve customer convenience – such as modern payment systems, efficient customer services, and flexible product or service arrangements.

Enhance Internal Communications – one of the keys to efficient business processes, and productivity, is efficient communications within the organization. If a business is relying on traditional channels of communication like email and public switched telephony, then communication will be slow. However, with modernized IT, a business can implement streamlined communications like instant messaging, video communications, and cloud telephony.

Better Marketing – customer outreach is critical to business success. But the big questions in marketing are always, where are our customers? What to they want? How can we reach them? But with modernized IT these questions become much easier to answer. For starters, digital marketing is quickly becoming the most efficient form of marketing, owing to how much time the average person spends online, even when they are at work. Additionally, modern solutions such as AI and machine learning, when applied to valuable data sources, such as search engines and social media platforms, can provide a business with invaluable data on potential customers.

Enhanced Cyber Security – with digital data becoming the standard format for information in a business, it is critical that organizations implement strict measures to protect that information. Cyber attacks can be made against any business – even very small businesses – which is why cyber security is critical. Modernized IT solutions are the only way to combat the ever increasing frequency and sophistication of cyberattacks.

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Modernization Principles?

  • Shape the Company Culture

It is untrue to say that modernizing your IT is a simple process of changing the technology and implementing new solutions. If IT modernization efforts are to be successful, users within the organization need to embrace the new technologies and solutions. To begin with, a business should consider the company culture, and how new IT systems and solutions will align with it. Additionally, consider what new habits will need to be adopted while using the new technology. Implementing new technologies could require major shifts in the company culture, and it is the responsibility of the business to adapt it in a sustainable way.

  • Prioritize Your Efforts

A successful IT modernization campaign is not achieved through one big push – but rather carefully organized, incremental pushes. Projects are a preferred way to achieve IT modernization efforts, because they can be efficiently managed, and because they are short-term, the goals and outcomes of a project are easier to define – this in turn makes the overall goals and outcomes of the wider IT modernization campaign easier to define.

  • Invest in Adoption

It is paramount that, when you implement modern solutions within your organization, that they do stick. Adoption rates are an important metric when assessing the success of business modernization. Therefore businesses should invest both time and resources in building an adoption strategy – this does not start after projects are finished. Adoption efforts should influence what areas of the business in which you implement changes first – which areas will see the most immediate benefit, so as the lead by example. Other considerations should be who oversees management of projects, and which members of the business can lead changes and help shape the company culture.

  • Consider the Right Partnerships

Few businesses can afford to modernize their IT completely independently. This is why partnerships are often critical to the success of IT modernization efforts. Whether they are service providers that improve internal operations, vendors through which you provide customers with certain products, or even your internal users. In any case, finding the right partnerships with businesses whose goals, ideals, and leadership styles resonate with your own is important – these will be long-term partners, and so there should be lots of compatibility between you. For example, TechQuarters provides small business IT support London-based businesses have benefitted from for over a decade. This is one of the factors that help business choose them to help modernize their IT, because they can also guarantee long-term support and a proactive business relationship.


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