10 Ways to Wear Jewelry With Flair

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10 Ways to Wear Jewelry With Flair

You’ve indulged yourself with precious gem collections bought from your reliable jewelry supplier, yet you’re not making the most of it. Sounds familiar? The thing is, we’ve all been there. It could be due to the lack of confidence in wearing jewelry accessories, or you’re simply not sure where to begin.

Fortunately, this article is here to help you with your dilemma. On this page, we’ll further discuss how to select and style jewelry to compliment you and your wardrobe and ways to maximize their use without looking dull—excited to know all this stuff? Then, let’s start!

Create Layers with Necklaces, Rings, and Bangles

How about you start with something pleasant and fun? Try experimenting with jewelry pieces that have contrasting colors, shapes, lengths, and even textures to create attractive layers with necklaces, rings, bangles, and, in some cases, earrings.

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  • Necklaces

Suppose you plan on layering necklaces that go to different lengths to draw attention up to your face. Incorporating various colors, shapes, and textures will also work a treat. 

  • Rings and Bangles

For bracelets and bangles, you can create an arm party with distinct but suitable pieces which will flash and chime as you move. The same with rings, as they can be matched, mixed, and stacked in all sorts of exciting combination ideas.

  • Earrings

Surprisingly, you can also experiment with wearing multiple earring styles if you got more than a pair of ear piercings or prefer to incorporate ear cuffs instead with other earrings. 

Know Better When to Stop

The next thing you should realize is to know when to stop accessorizing. For instance, if you’re eliciting attention to your face and neckline due to a statement or layered necklace, then you don’t have to put on an armful of bracelets because that would be too much. Another tip, suppose you’re wearing a bold pair of earrings, then put up a matching necklace or if not available, wear a subtle one.

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Have a High Regard to Earrings

While earrings are forgettable to wear for some women, these are the pair of jewelry that you should not forget slipping on, even if it’s just a typical day. Consider them an essential part of your daily wardrobe that shouldn’t be overlooked, like your undergarments. Just make sure that the earring you prefer to wear matches your eye color, hair, or skin tone.

Wear Rings with Panache

Stacking rings in a particular manner adds versatility and sensitivity to your outfit since you can mix and match them as you please, creating a slightly different look every day. You can also opt to wear one or two simple stacking rings for a more minimalist feel on some days.

Try Experimenting with Metals

According to fashion gurus, it’s unnecessary to stick to all silver, gold, or rose gold jewelry to your get-up. So think about necklaces with pendants that are in contrast with their chain colors or see layered necklaces or bangles in various metals to add deep interest and color to your clothing.

Accessorize to Complement Your Ensemble

Although accessorizing seems simple enough, this is not always the case. For most people, putting on the right accessories is still a challenge to be fought. The best tip for you: if you have a limited number of accessories, choose the first set you want to wear for the day. After weighing your decisions, it’s time to select the ideal set of clothing that will definitely complement your accessories.

This way is not for the people who prefer to choose their wardrobe first, then accessories. Technically, both ways will work, but then again, choose the method where you’re most comfortable in choosing to make sure you won’t regret what you wear later on.

The Highlight of Your Outfit

Interestingly, even a simple, boring outfit can look fantastic if partnered with the right jewelry and accessories. You can choose jewelry that makes a statement to bring a simple outfit to life or do some mixing and matching of jewelry pieces for a more layered, sophisticated look. 

Select the Focal Point of Your Jewelry

Another thing to consider when choosing and wearing jewelry is where do you prefer people’s attention to be directed? Let’s say you’re wearing pieces of jewelry that are intended to catch the eye. Then it’s best to create a focus on one body area to which you want to draw attention to. Do you want to highlight your face or other assets of your body? For example, wearing a bold necklace matched with other subtle accessories can draw attention to your face and chest.

If you want the focus on your slender arms, select luxurious-looking bangles to draw some gaze, or if you want the attention to your beautiful fingers, wear a ring with a huge pendant.

Do Some Wardrobe Experiments

If you have lots of spare time, this thing is among the best you can do. Just slip in a basic outfit and try it out with different pieces of jewelry and other accessories from your collection. Try various combinations of jewelry designs you don’t normally consider pairing up and add in different accessories like watches, scarves, bags, or shoes. In the end, you might be amazed at what you’ve come up with.

Don’t Always Rely on Trends

Trends influence what people wear to some extent, which is alright. However, it’s never a good idea to slavishly adhere to current fashion at the expense of your own taste and personality because you might end up losing yourself. Instead, go and find out your style, which you think suits you, and more importantly, what makes you feel confident. You can find the right jewelry that suits your style and personality by visiting the website of Adina Eden.


When selecting jewelry to wear, always consider what works with your skin tone, wardrobe, frame, and sense of style. We hope that you follow all the tips mentioned above when you accessorize, and enjoy your newfound style! Why not shop at OD’s Jewellers to find which best fits your style?

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