How Do I Prevent Nursing Home Injuries?

Charlotte Miller

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How Do I Prevent Nursing Home Injuries

Nursing homes are care facilities we choose for our elders. The only aim of sending our elders to a nursing home is to receive excellent care 24 hours and easy access to health care facilities. Caretakers at a nursing home are highly skilled and trained, but accidents and injuries at nursing homes have been a rising concern. However, some of these accidents can be prevented by minimizing the risk of infections and providing safety and training programs for caretakers. 

The most common accident reported at a care facility is a fall accident. The accident may lead to injuries like concussions, fractures, and more. A person may slip or trip and fall and injure themselves. Suppose the fall occurred due to a wet floor or an unleveled platform. In that case, you can hold the caretaker or the liable party responsible for the injury and get your damages compensated with the help of an Iowa personal injury attorney

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How to prevent injuries at a nursing home? 

Residents at a nursing home are more vulnerable to injuries, as their mobility is decreased, bone density has reduced, muscle weakness, etc. Moreover, the immune system also retards, and older people get more vulnerable to infections. 

Injuries at a nursing home can be prevented if the caretakers remain alert and work towards improving the health of residents at a nursing home. A few measures to prevent injuries at a nursing home have been mentioned below:

  • They should take care of each resident individually and note their chronic conditions and possible infections or injuries they can sustain. 
  • Educate the caretakers regarding patients’ risks and make strategies to prevent accidents. 
  • They should encourage residents to get involved in physical exercise. 
  • Minimize the use of medications that are not mandatory to avoid any side effects. 
  • Providing elders with sufficient vitamins. For example, a resident should receive adequate vitamin D and C to maintain their bone density and immune system, respectively. 
  • Ensure that residents at a nursing home keep walking for a while to prevent bedsores. 
  • Caretakers should keep an eye on residents’ physical and mental health. Also, medications and their dosage should be checked frequently to avoid complications.
  • Hiring quality workers and medical professionals. 
  • Easy access to health care should be provided at nursing care, as an older person should get immediate treatment to avoid worsening situations. 

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By following these basic steps mentioned above, nursing care can be much more efficient and safe. If an accident occurs at a nursing home, the caretakers can be held responsible as their only job is to prevent accidents and take care of the residents.