How Do Copper Vent Hoods Work in The Kitchen?

A copper vent hood or a copper range hood filters smoke and unnecessary gaseous contaminants out of your kitchen. The power of vent hoods is measured in cubic feet per meter (CFM) ratings, with most copper vent hoods ranging from 400 CFM to 1800 CFM ratings, but it’s rare to find a vent hood with a rating below 400 CFM. 

Ductless and ducted range hoods are the most common kitchen vent hoods. Ducted vent hoods pull the air via the system of ducts, which runs through the ceiling to the outside. Contrary to ducted copper vent hoods, ductless vent hoods recirculate the air from the kitchen through the filter, trapping the dirt and grease and then recirculating the air inside your kitchen.

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Functions of Basic Components of Copper Vent Hoods

The Vent Hood Blowers

Blowers are the component that powers your range hood; you will find some vent hoods with dual blowers, but single-blower vent hoods are also common. The blower consists of fan blades, a motor, and protective housing. The major types of blowers are Inline, local, and external blowers. 

The inline blower is installed within the ductwork away from the range hood; therefore, it runs more quietly. The local blowers are found inside the hood and are the most common blowers, while the external blowers are usually outside your kitchen.

The Controls

Every copper vent hood has a control panel; most controls are blower speed control, clock control, LED controls, an on/ off control switch, and six-speed, four-speed, or fully adjustable controls.

The Vent Hood Filters

Copper vent hoods come with different filters; the most common ones are the mesh filter, baffle filter, and charcoal filter. In the ductless model, mesh or baffle filters pair with charcoal filters. But, the number of filters depends on the size of your range hood; larger vent hoods require more filters to perform efficiently.

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The Circuit Board

The circuit board is crucial because it is the part where all the controls are mounted. The circuit board is located inside your range hood, and the component rarely malfunctions; therefore, you hardly repair it.

The Lights

Most copper vent hoods have halogen or LED lights, and some have heat lamps. The heat lamps bring a lot of convenience to your kitchen as they keep your food warm as you finish up other activities in your kitchen. The LED and halogen lights last long without burning out; even if they burn out, it is pretty easy to replace


A copper vent hood is a kitchen appliance that filters smoke and other unnecessary gaseous contaminants out of your kitchen. The most common types of vent hoods are ducted and ductless. 

The ducted vent hoods pull the air through the ductwork that runs through your ceiling or wall to the outside, while the ductless vent hoods recirculate the air from the kitchen through the filter, trapping the dirt and grease and then recirculating the same air inside your kitchen. The essential components of a vent hood are the blowers, controls, filters, circuit boards, and lights.

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