How Are Aesthetic Clinics Useful For Anyone? – Aesthetician’s Specialization 

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These days you can see several aesthetic clinics opening around the world, but people are unaware of the importance of these clinics. So here today, we will discuss the purpose of these clinics, why people should see an esthetician, and what services you can find at any usual aesthetic clinic in Singapore. You should know that estheticians are not medical doctors, and most of them offer non-surgical treatments only.

Aesthetic clinics are gaining popularity since people, especially women, have grown conscious about their looks, skin, and body figures. The specialist at these clinics helps you achieve your goal to look aesthetically elegant or attractive in simple words. However, an esthetician has limitations to the epidermis or topmost layer of the skin and cannot perform surgeries or give injectables.

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3 Types Of Conditions That An Aesthetician Can Help With 

  • First of all, if you need help knowing your skin type or recognize what skin issue you are going through, an esthetician can help with such things. And as long as the condition is curable using cosmetic products, you need not visit a dermatologist. Whereas, if some medical prescription or surgery is required for treatment, a dermatologist can only perform it and not an esthetician.
  • If your skin problems are related to the deeper layers of skin like dermis or hypodermis, then only a dermatologist can take care of it. However, if it is a non-surgery requiring issue and limited to the epidermis layer, you can rely upon an aesthetician’s treatment.
  • Any invasive procedure like Botox, skin fillers, prescribing medication, deep chemical procedures like peel, etc., are not to be performed at aesthetic clinics.

Besides these limitations, many more things are related to skin, such as acne, mole, rashes, pigmentation, etc. You can see an aesthetician and get cosmetics products that can help other than the medication.

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Areas Of The Body An Aesthetician Can Work Upon – Skin Treatment

You can find an esthetician at any spa also as there you don’t need any medical treatment but might require a skincare expert. Similarly, some aestheticians also work closely with dermatologists to recommend any cosmetic item and the medicine prescribed by the dermatologists. An esthetician can help you look younger or get rid of birthmarks, fat loss marks, etc., using cosmetic products.

Generally, estheticians can treat facial skin, help in makeup application, provide expert advice with body wraps or masks or scrubs suitable for your skin, and more. Other areas of expertise include waxing or unwanted hair removal, treatment of acne, or performing microdermabrasion. These are some of the standard services that you can get at any aesthetic clinic in Singapore.

Latest Updates In Services Offered At Aesthetic Clinics

  • Body contouring is the most prominent service offered by estheticians, including non-surgical cosmetic treatment of your body part to get a toned and firm body. For this, you might have to undergo fat loss or skin tightening and other treatments like that.
  • These days there are solutions to permanently stop sweating of underarms or other body parts for which you can visit an aesthetic clinic that has this technology with them.
  • Moreover, you can get modern solutions for hair loss or removal of unwanted hairs from various body parts through waxing or laser treatment with zero side effects.
  • Some clinics have vaginal rejuvenation services available on their menu, under which you can get labial reshaping, vaginal tightening, atrophy reduction using fractional lasers, and more.

Facial Treatments Or Extraction – Part Of Aesthetic Clinic’s Menu

Primary facial treatments include cleansing, facial steam, applying masks, moisturizers, serums, exfoliating, etc. Generally, you can get it done at any spa, but if you have a special skin type, an esthetician is required to tell what product would suit you. Also, if you have any acne or require facial massage, taking an expert’s help always pays out as they can handle the situation more professionally.

If you have an accumulation of dead skin cells or blackheads, then an esthetician can remove the non-inflamed breakouts for you and clean the oil from the pores and make them clean. However, if you do it yourself, you are more likely to catch germs in their pores if not handled carefully and worsen the situation. Hence, it is better to find an aesthetic clinic in Singapore and get the facial extractions done carefully since facial charm is essential for wholesome beauty.

What Is Microdermabrasion, And How Do Estheticians Perform It?

Microdermabrasion is a popular skin treatment taken by people to remove dead skin cells from their facial skin generally. For this process, a superfine crystal tipped wand is passed over the skin, leading to clear and soft skin after a single treatment. However, for improved results, you might require 5 to 6 treatments performed by your esthetician.

There are two types of microdermabrasion, and both are meant to exfoliate your skin thoroughly. In addition, it can improve the texture of your skin and reduce any wrinkles or damage caused by climate, etc.

Similarly, another popular treatment goes by the name superficial chemical peels or Lunchtime peels, which is another method to exfoliate the skin thoroughly. This process is more inclined towards giving a younger and glowing skin. In this process, the esthetician uses alpha hydroxy acid during a peel which does not take much time to complete.

Booking An Appointment And Discussing The Condition With An Esthetician

It is crucial to find a knowledgeable and experienced esthetician to go through public reviews and testimonials. Once you have a few names, don’t forget to visit their official website to see the services, charges, or contact through call and get yourself a quote. There is several aesthetic clinic Singapore that have their contact details available on the internet.

You should openly discuss the issue and feel comfortable asking questions, and one should also be ready to get undressed if required for treatment. So you should consider all such factors in mind and also get an appointment beforehand.