Here’s Where You Can Build Your Own Military Medal Rack

Charlotte Miller

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Ordering the highest quality military medal rack that you can build your way and represent your branch with no hesitation is a massive deal. This is your opportunity to bring pride to your branch and show you pride for the company you serve with no hesitation. You have to look into the quality, accuracy, and even the overall durability of each of your medal racks. In this guide, you will be going through a list of the three best places to build your military rack that will let you represent your branch with pride.


Usamm allows its customers to completely build their medal racks based on their branch of the armed forces, with their EZ rack builder, you will be able to customize your very own military medal rack in no time, the very user-friendly interface and direct instructions are perfect for any user even if you aren’t that tech-savvy. They have options for thin ribbons, standard ribbons, tiny ribbons, sticky racks, standard medals, and even mini anodized metals. They definitely have all the gear you will ever need and all the options for your choice when it comes to customizing your very own military medal rack. Make sure to check out this store if you are looking to get the best quality for the best prices, easily and seamlessly with no issues when it comes to your order. They provide same-day shipping, so aside from being able to make your very own military medal rack, you will also receive it on time, and that is a guarantee from them!

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Medals of America

The military medal rack for medals of America also has a very simple and direct interface that allows you to design your very own military medal rack in no time at all. You will be spending less than five minutes in the store because their service and products are quite direct and tailor-fit to any event that you may need them for. You will be able to select between the branches, the size of your racks, you can also choose if it is regular or anodized. You may not have as many options, but its simplicity and directness 


Uniforms 4-u is quite a direct website when it comes to building your medal rack. There are not as many options as the previously mentioned sites but all the essentials that you may need for your rack. They provide photos of every medal and the branch it comes from so that you don’t have to be confused about which medals or which branch you will have to pick. You can represent your branch with full confidence knowing your medal rack is built correctly.

Uniform Ribbons is a very straightforward website, you can pick which branch you represent the moment you open up the website, it then directs you straight to a very simple user interface that allows you to pick and choose what you exactly need from your military medal rack.

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This shop takes pride in the material it makes its medals from. The one thing that makes this site very different from the different sites on the list, there is an exact breakdown for where your money will be going and which material would go best with your choices. Be sure to check this out, they are operating normally despite everything that’s going on right now. 

So now that you know where you can build your very own military medal rack, you can face your officers and squad with pride and represent your branch with pride. You can get the best quality for your ribbons from the sites we mentioned!