Health and wellness: Tom Cruise chimes in again with another win for health

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Health and wellness: Tom Cruise chimes in again with another win for health

When you visit the doctor due to a COVID-19 infection, you probably assume that all the treatments are considered. But are you aware of the potential benefits of Niacin as a COVID-19 treatment?

Niacin, a Vitamin B3, can increase NAD+ levels in the blood and muscles of patients. 

Sadly, Viral infections such as COVID-19 reduces cellar NAD+ stores. 

Do you know what this means?

Yes? No?

Let me tell you.

This means that boosting levels of NAD+ is essential in ensuring individuals suppress uncontrolled inflammation and have enhanced antiviral defense.

Now that we know that Niacin has benefits let’s talk about what it takes to work. 

It is important to note that restoring and maintaining tryptophan and Niacin (NAD+) biosynthesis leads to great health, longevity, and functioning. 

NAD+ concentration in organs and tissues of in-patient and older patients linked to severe COVID-19 is reportedly low compared to healthy individuals. 

NAD+ exerts an anti-inflammatory and antiviral impact in humans, which is beneficial in the treatment of COVID-19.

Please note that, in the past, Nicotinamide, also referred to as Niacin, was used to treat Tuberculosis of the lung. 

Nicotinic acid prevents vascular inflammation using the Sirtuin 1 SIRT1 inhibitors. The SIRT1 can be considered an essential solution to treating COVID-19, as shown in the research on the reduction of viral growth and replication. 

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And thus, Tom Cruise is chiming in with another win for health. 

Tom Cruise is the co-founder and top fundraiser for the detoxification project that uses the Purification Rundown. The Purification Rundown is a detoxification program that L. Ron Hubbard invented that involves using Niacin as a treatment method, combined with dietary supplements and exercises. 

Tom Cruise looks young for his age, 59, and is extremely active, which can be accredited to his lifestyle.

Thus, Vitamin B3, Niacin, could be making a comeback as a treatment for COVID-19 and other viral diseases such as HIV.

In the past, Tom Cruise dismissed SSRIs for depression and suggested that women needed to care for themselves using “exercise and vitamins.” Recent studies have called into question the use of SSRIs antidepressants after researchers from the University College London discovered that depression is possibly not caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. 

It is important to realize that, whether or not we are fans of Scientology, it will not change the fact that he was right on the issue of SSRIs before most people.

With this in mind, is it possible to consider that Tom Cruise could be on to something again with Niacin?

Benefits of NAD+

NAD+ plays a role in mitochondrial function and energy metabolism during exercise. Some studies suggest that NMN supplementation may improve exercise performance and enhance post-exercise recovery by supporting cellular energy production and reducing muscle fatigue. It’s important to note that the research on NMN supplementation is still in its early stages, and more studies are needed to fully understand its potential benefits and long-term effects in humans. If you are in Ireland, then you can look for some best NMN Ireland supplements as well.

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Dr. Dmitry Kats is a corresponder of using Niacin as a treatment for COVID-19. Niacin can also be used for diseases diagnostically evidenced by inflammation mechanism by modulating it back to a state of equilibrium that leads to longevity and health.

Dr. Dmitry Kats rationalizes that Niacin “fine-tunes energy metabolism in all cells through anti-inflammation and autophagy.” A COVID-19 patient dosage should start with 500 mg and up each dose to 5 g per need, and one to three times daily or with more than or equal to 7g per week. 

COVID-19 pathology blocks the IL-6 through inflammation. This means that targeting IL-6 helps in the inhibition of COVID-19, and Niacin remarkably reduces the creation of pro-inflammatory cytokines. 

Dr. Dmitry also implies that Niacin’s findings establish an ascertained projection for potential eradication and major mitigation of CPOVID-19 while creating opportunities for a revolutionary progression that pushes public health further ahead.

Perhaps believing that Niacin can be a treatment is the present medical and social media hyperbole. However, it is important you remember that medical research is continuous research for knowledge. Hopefully, the new medical research by Dr. Dmitry Kats will help speed Niacin into existence and ensure longevity and health.

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