Have We Raised Our Standard of Hygiene in 2022?

Charlotte Miller

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Commercial Workspace Hygiene 101

Workspace hygiene is of utmost importance. Even though some people don’t seem to understand the importance of maintaining proper hygiene in commercial spaces, it has the ability to affect your business in more ways than one. Workspace hygiene involves way more than just ensuring there is no dirt on the floor – it goes way beyond that. You can even opt for hassle-free business janitorial services that will help you maintain a clean workspace so that you can concentrate on the work at hand. In this article, we are going to explore different aspects of workspace hygiene. 

Why is Hygiene an Important Factor in Your Workplace?

Implementing proper hygiene is one of the best ways to ensure that all your employees maintain proper hygiene rules. However, before we move into all of that, you need to know why hygiene is such an important factor.

  • Your employees will be much happier – It has been shown that when the work environment is clean, it enhances employee satisfaction. This, in turn, keeps your employees happy. Happier employees are known to be more productive and perform well at their respective jobs. Moreover, happier employees don’t think about changing jobs, which helps retain a greater percentage of employees. 
  • Your company image will be in a better position – Your employees are not the only ones coming to your office. There are numerous other people too, and this includes your clients. If they see an unorganized office during their visit, their impression of your company will change, and this might also impact their decision regarding whether they want to be in business with you. Your workplace’s hygiene factors directly represent the core values of your company.
  • Your employees’ health will be much better – A hygienic work environment also means that your employees’ health will be in a better condition. This will save you a lot of money because when employees are physically fit, they do not take unnecessary sick leave. Even though, in the beginning, it might feel like you are spending money on the monthly hygiene maintenance of your office, in the long run, it is you who will be reaping the long-term benefits.
  • You can reduce the percentage of slips and falls – When you keep the workplace tidy and do regular cleaning, it reduces the chances of employee workplace accidents. This is because the carpets and mats are regularly cleaned and maintained, and the cleaning services ensure there is nothing falling on the floor that might cause you to slip. Installing wet area mats is another measure that you can undertake to control these accidents.

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How Do You Raise Standards of Hygiene at the Workplace?

Here are some tips that you can implement to raise the standards of hygiene at your workplace – 

  • Form a hygiene policy – You need to provide your employees with a well-structured, written hygiene policy. This will form a clear expectation for everyone and will also keep communication clear and will let your employees know that you are taking the hygiene factor seriously.
  • Provide well-sanitized bathrooms – Having a clean and sanitized bathroom in the office is pivotal for maintaining proper hygiene standards. You also need to ensure that the bathrooms are always stocked with the common necessities like toilet paper, soap, sanitary napkins, and so on.
  • Perform regular cleaning – Hire professional cleaning services to perform regular cleaning at the office. This will reduce the chance of spreading infections, and your workplace will exude a sense of professionalism from every corner. 

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Apart from professional cleaning services, you must also openly talk about personal hygiene in the workplace. For this, you can either give out a written policy or arrange a meeting where you brief your employees about various aspects of personal hygiene. This includes everything that is expected of them, such as the usage of hand sanitizers, grooming facial hair, perfume, and so on. If you have a kitchen inside your commercial space, special care must be taken for regular cleaning and maintenance. Remember that as a company, you have a responsibility to keep your employees informed of your health and safety regulations and expectations so as to ensure the efficient and safe running of your business. 

Have we raised our standard of hygiene in 2022? There is no doubt that recent world events have caused us all to raise our standards – a good thing all around we believe.