Google Analytics: An overview of the working and features of this platform 

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Google Analytics: An overview of the working and features of this platform 


The most prominent analytics service that analyzes content over the web and provides statistical analysis is Google Analytics. This tool has been specially designed for Search Engine Optimisation techniques and is a part and parcel of the Google marketing platform and tool kit. It can be accessed by anyone who has a Google account. However, in order to make full use of this platform, it is extremely important that the user has a firm hold over data analytics. Users with data analytics certification can harness the real power of this platform by analyzing various traffic marketing campaigns, purchases, click through rate as well as demography. Google Analytics also provides you with information about your performance with your competitors in the market. It also enables you to create goals while simultaneously discovering new patterns that can prove handy for user engagement.

Working with Google analytics 

Working with Google Analytics becomes easy once you are aware of the various features of this platform. In order to work effectively with Google Analytics, it is also important to understand how Google Analytics actually works. It acquires data from various websites with the help of page tags. These page tags get embedded into the code of the page and track different types of information. For instance, these tags track the browser history of each visit as well as the average time that is spent in a particular session. All this information is then clubbed on a dashboard which is easy to understand and comprehend. This dashboard gives information about five important parameters and also about the supplementary ones. 

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  • The first parameter is the number of users from various geographies that have visited the website. 
  • The second parameter is the bounce rate which refers to the fact that the customers may not like the content of the web page and retreat from it. 
  • The third parameter refers to the average time that a user spends on a website during a particular session. Whenever users spend more than the stipulated time on a website, it automatically gives the idea that the content of the web page is qualitative as well as immersive in nature. This also signifies that it has a capacity to attract and engage a large number of audience. 
  • The fourth parameter uses information about the number of pages that have been browsed or visited by the customer during a particular session. 
  • The fifth parameter speaks about the combination of goals that have been set during the start of a campaign. For instance, one of the goals that we may set for the campaign would be to subscribe to a particular package of the services offered by the website.

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Features of Google Analytics 

Google Analytics has become one of the most important and prominent platforms for the purpose of data collection, its analysis as well as its monitoring. The visualization aspects of Google Analytics exceed other platforms that are available on the web. Let us briefly examine the various features of Google Analytics.

  • Equipped with his tools of data visualisation and monitoring, Google Analytics conveys information in a very lucid manner with the help of graphs and charts. It helps in filtering of data to ensure that only relevant data sets reach the end user while redundant data sets are discarded at an initial stage itself. 
  • Google Analytics also helps in predictive analytics as it forms a progress report of the previous performance and helps to extrapolate this information in the future. 
  • Google Analytics is also a handy tool for analyzing various reports on advertising campaigns. It also gives an overview of the customer behaviour as well as their engagement with the website. 
  • In addition to this, Google Analytics is also a handy tool because it helps in integration with other products and services. For instance, it helps in integration with Google data studio as well as Google Adsense.
  • Furthermore, Google Analytics also gives information about the percentage of first time visits that happen on a website over a period of time.

The bottom line 

Google Analytics can also be customized as per the requirements of the users. For instance, it is highly likely that the users of Google Analytics in Portugal may not be comfortable with using English as their preferred language. Consequently, they can analyze the dashboard and information provided in Google Analytics in the Portuguese language. In addition to this, customisation can also be done with the type of browser used as well as the models of devices. We can also initiate any customization based on the age group of the users. Needless to mention, customization on the geographic categories examine data on the basis of various countries or even cities. 

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