Gifts For Your Germany-Loving Loved Ones

Charlotte Miller

Updated on:

Are you looking for excellent gifts to satisfy your Germanophile friend or family member? Or are you only looking for any German memorabilia to send someone this holiday season? You are in luck, for we have a sweet selection of Germany-related gift ideas that are perfect. Not only that, but these ideas will not place a lot of burden on you – and your wallet. Let’s get started!

  • Beer brewing kit

One of the best things you can send your Germanophile loved ones would be a beer brewing kit. It is as it sounds if you have no idea as to what kind of product it is overall. A beer brewing kit contains everything you need to brew your own drink. Each kit contains various components that complete the brewing process, including a conical fermenter, gauge, venting system, and so much more.

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  • German food

You can never go wrong with sending someone a basket full of German food and drinks. You can deliver newly-cooked Sauerbraten for family members. Or maybe bring a friend a plate or two of Kartoffelpuffer by Christmas Eve. Trust us. It will not be the Wurst thing you can do.

  • Beer stein

Germans love their beer. The same goes for almost anyone on the globe. But what could be better than having a cold one? How about keeping your drink as cold or hot as it can get? A beer stein is your answer to keep your beer hot or cold. Such a gift item proves to be more than a novelty item. It represents a slice of Germany as it hits your receiver’s shelves.

You can also purchase and wrap one of the more popular Oktoberfest beer stein products. Your recipient will surely love it.

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  • Ticket to ride Germany edition

For those who are not familiar Ticket to ride is one of the most popular board games to ever exist. The neat thing about this one is that the board game has a German edition. Such a gift item will make your board game-loving recipient more than thankful.

  • German travel mug

Perhaps your gift recipient is an avid traveler who wishes to take a piece of Germany along for their travels. The perfect present for them would be a German travel mug. A German mug is practical – it is light and small. Not only that, but most manufacturers of German travel mugs utilize environment-friendly materials for their goods.

  • Language course

A German language course is another top choice for a gift. The internet offers several language courses that you can obtain for free or at a small price. There are also courses that have expensive rates but are more compelling and complete. Regardless of how you get the course, it will be a perfect gift for anyone who wishes to learn the German language.

  • Birkenstock footwear

Do you know that the famous footwear brand Birkenstock is from Germany? Well, now you know. You can gift a pair of Birkenstock sandals to a friend or family member. This footwear is comfortable and is easy to wear.

  • Kaweco fountain pen

Nothing beats classy like a Kaweco fountain pen. The Germany-based brand boasts a collection of fountain pens that are worth every penny you spend. So, it comes as no surprise that several people get them for holiday gifts. You can join this bandwagon and send someone such a fancy writing instrument.

  • German cookbooks

It is clear as day that cooks can never get enough when having fun in the kitchen. They spend a lot of time preparing food with recipes from cookbooks. So why not spice things up with a German cookbook? Now your friend or family member can enjoy preparing their favorite German food recipes without looking at web pages every now and then.

  • Travel book

You might have some friends who plan to visit Germany a couple of months from now. A German travel book can save them time on planning and preparations. It also works as an ideal addition to their bookshelves. 

  • German National Team jersey

Who says national team jerseys are out of style? Probably not your Germanophile loved one. Another thing you can add to their sports collection would be Germany’s national team jersey. Although they might have to only make do with a replica, it is still a decent gift.

  • Schwegler birdhouse

Do you think that birdhouses cannot get cool and unique enough? You might want to consider otherwise after seeing one of these birdhouses. So what you can do is purchase one and send it to your friend or bird-loving neighbor Frank. Watch as your other neighbors will look at the birds and your gift with envy.

You can never go wrong with sending a Germany-themed gift this coming Christmas. But that does not mean you have to spend thousands of dollars on your present of choice. Your recipient will be thankful for the thought. Spend all you want, but you might want to be careful with your purchases. Better save some cash and goodies that you alone can enjoy.