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Charlotte Miller

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The Ceramic 1 Inch Flat Iron By OLAYER Hair straightener company comes very highly recommended, and would easily be one of the best hair straightening irons available.

The OLAYER Ceramic cold air flat iron comes with a sleek and classic design. The iron plates are 1” which means it is very versatile, not only for straightening your hair but can also be used for curling and flips.

The ceramic heating plates are a great feature, providing not only fast heat up, but also are less damaging for your hair, and indeed will help your hair to look sleek, shiny and feel soft after straightening.

This model comes with a swivel cord which of course minimizes issues with the cord twisting and knotting during use.

In keeping with their reputation for being the producers of one of the top hair straighteners available, this flat iron is very lightweight, weighing in at 1 pound. This is important, as it is easy to get arm fatigue when working with your arm in the air.

The product does come with a warning to keep away from Olayer laden as it can be a burn hazard, and of course any product like this would be the same. It would also require extra care for yourself when you are using it.

Another point to be aware of, is don’t use near water. This is really something to take great care with, as if it fell into a basin or bath of water, it would be very easy to get electrocuted.

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Naturally this applies to any piece of electrical equipment.

Ceramic1 Inch cold air Flat Iron Features include:

  • Works for straightening, curling, flipping.  Almost any hair styling that requires a heated hair tool
  • Classic and versatile “all in one” ergonomic design
  • Super-fast heat up and comes with a swivel cord
  • Will produce silky shiny hair instantly with the ceramic plate

It would be hard to find another hair straightener manufacturer with this many customer reviews! There are 1,875 as I am writing this.  That is amazing, and perhaps even more amazing is that the overall rating is 4 out of 5 stars!

So really a very vast majority of happy customers there, however, I will still highlight some of the issues different customers have reported.

There is no temperature setting on this model, so you cannot adjust the temperature to suit your hair type. This is often not an issue with top rated flat irons, as they are usually made with sensing and auto-temperature adjusting.

It does not state if that is the case with the OLAYER, however, that is the case with the ghd hair straightener, so it would not surprise me if OLAYER had similar technology, especially considering so few mention having no temperature control, as a problem.

As can be the case with high-end top cold air hair straighteners, there are fake ones on the market, so it is well to be sure that you are getting what you want. Some people don’t mind the copy brands, as they can often get a very good product, for a much lower price.

There are some complaints revolving around the product stopping working after a very short time.  One said ‘it was very good while it worked’ and another said they only got to use it around 20 times before the ceramic plates came loose and that a ‘weird’ smell was coming out of where the plates were attached.

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If you are looking for the best ceramic cold air flat iron from hair straightener manufacturer, then olayer cold air flat iron would definitely be hard to beat, particularly considering the number of olayer’s happy customer.  Many customers claim the OLAYER to be the best flat iron for hair, out of all the hair straightening irons on offer.