Get Shiny Hair with these Amazing Hair Conditioners for Men

Charlotte Miller

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Most men tend to wash their hair daily. There is a pleasure sure in washing hair daily, and most men will not trade it off for good hair health. But if they don’t want their hair to be coarse or their hair roots weakening from frequent washes, they must incorporate a few steps before and after shampooing. 

Oiling once or twice a week, using a mild shampoo and conditioner, choosing a styling product that is low on harmful chemicals are good practices. There are some dual benefit products like shampoo plus conditioner for men. However, if you can spare an additional 2 minutes in the bath, why not invest in different 

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What is a Hair Conditioner?

Hair conditioners keep your hair soft, firm, and hydrated. They are full of hair-strengthening vitamins, proteins, and minerals. They also have many other nutrients that are good for your hair. They help in nourishing the hair and reverse the damage caused by moisture loss and keep them hydrated. Conditioners also provide a coating that protects hair from the harsh effect of the outer environment. And make them softer, shinier, and fluffier.

Why Should Men Use Hair Conditioners?

Men should use conditioners even if they sport short hairstyles like a crew cut. Short hair requires hydration and conditioning as much as long hair. All hair textures need conditioners. They can reduce the risk of losing hair at an early age and make them strong and healthy. Conditioners are required to replenish lost moisture or retain moisture in healthy hair. Do not wait for the hair to be damaged. Prevention is always better than a cure. 

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What kinds of conditioners to use?

You can use different conditioners according to different hair types. It is because every individual has different hair types, concerns and textures. Also, make sure to check if your scalp type is oily or dry. That also determines the kind of conditioners to use.

Different types of Hair Conditioners

There are many different kinds of hair conditioners. However, a few major ones are listed below.

Thickening Conditioners: These are good for men with thin or thinning hair. These are enriched with proteins, vitamins, and other nourishing oils and help increase hair growth. While buying thickening conditioners, look for biotin, caffeine, green tea, and saw palmetto for ingredients.  

Deep conditioning: These have a thicker consistency than the other regular conditioners. These are best for curly or coloured hair as these hair types tend to be drier and damaged than the others.

Moisturising conditioners: These conditioners contain more oils that smoothen and soften the hair. It is best to use these for curly hair, dry hair, or thick hair, as these hair types require an extra amount of moisture. 

Oily hair needs moisturiser too. Look for less oily variants and leave it on for about a minute, which should do the job. 

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Protein conditioners: These are suitable for dry, curly, or wavy hair. They contain Keratin which is a rich source of protein for the hair. It also helps to thicken fine, straight hair and provide the necessary nourishment.

Cream rinse Conditioners: These are good for straight or wavy hair. They have a thinner consistency than the regular conditioners. And can provide the required detangling.

Leave-in Conditioner: These generally come in the form of cream or spray. Use them after a shower in the required quantity. Do not wash off. And leave-in conditioners are suitable for all hair types. However, they are better for curly or dry hair as they are more prone to split ends and frizz.

These were some of the hair conditioners for men that can prove to be great for their hair. So make an informed choice and enjoy flawless hair.