Best Ways To Monetise Your Blog in 2021

Charlotte Miller

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While many people find blogging a popular hobby, it can also be a successful online profession. It wasn’t long ago that monetising a blog was nearly tricky. You’ll also be relieved to learn that monetising a blog is now simpler than ever.

Blogging became a successful online profession in 2021. So, you’ve established a blog and have been producing fantastic articles for a while. Blogging is one of the best ways in digital marketing to get passive income. Check this website to learn the benefits of  digital marketing for businesses. We’ll explain here how to monetise a blog and earn money online using a few proven and effective methods in this article.

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Affiliate Income

For those who are unfamiliar, if you discover a product or service that you enjoy, you may link to those from your blog, and you will get a nominal fee for recommending them.

It is an excellent method to make income initially since you don’t need many visitors to make money. It may only take 100 individuals to read a blog post if you have the appropriate content, and if one of them clicks and buys one of the items you suggest, you will earn money.

Selling Online Courses 

Online course sales are another way to make your blog money. Most bloggers are deterred from developing their course because they believe that teaching requires them to be an expert.

But this isn’t the case; all you need to teach a course truly is to know more than the people you’re teaching and to be able to communicate that information in a way that others will find helpful.

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Selling ebooks 

Another common approach to monetising a blog is selling ebooks, a fantastic source of passive earnings. Passive earnings is income generated and kept with little or no effort. You only need to do this once when it comes to producing an ebook. 

Then you may sell that ebook to your readers again and over again. However, if you want your ebook to sell, it must be excellent. Most essential, your ebook’s theme must pique the attention of your intended audience.

Google AdSense 

They display adverts depending on the context of your post as well as user interest. These strategies are used to monetise the majority of new blogs since they provide regular income. Because the advertising is of excellent quality, they have no negative impact on the user experience.

Start a Coaching/Consulting 

People often need more comprehensive and customised guidance than a book or training can give, so they seek out one-on-one coaching or advising, depending on the services you provide.

Most blog owners who have successfully sold books and lessons turn to a coach or consulting as a monetisation method when adding another income stream to their business.


To enter this wonderful profession, people from all walks of life create blogs. There are many methods to earn money from blogging; however, we suggest not becoming overwhelmed and adopting them one at a time. It would help if you experimented with all of the suggestions above to see which ones perform best for your particular blogging topic.