Five Commonly Asked Questions About Maternity Photo Shoots

Charlotte Miller

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Being pregnant is something to celebrate and preserve as long as possible. Everything changes so quickly, that photographs become the only way to hold onto those memories. Memories created from maternity photo sessions include couples, family, and a beautiful growing belly. The following are the five most commonly asked questions from expectant mothers before scheduling a photoshoot.

Why Should I Schedule a Maternity Photo Session?

Pregnancy leaves many women tired, and forgetful of their beauty. A photo session allows the mom to remember the life she is bringing into the world, while the photographer captures the glow she radiates. These sessions provide you with a long-term reminder of how your body transformed into your new identity. It is also when you and your partner can connect with romantic memories of snuggling, kissing, and excitement.

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What Do I Wear to a Maternity Photo Shoot?

Most photographers suggest mothers-to-be wear long, flowing gowns that exude elegance. They are flattering on a woman’s growing body. A Mommas cute lace maternity dress is feminine and romantic, so is a favorite outfit choice. Maternity photo shoots may find you in a variety of positions, and the longer lengths ensure everything is covered. The colors you go with are up to you, but earth tones complement any backdrop. Shoes should be whatever is comfortable or barefoot. Depending on the length of your gown, your feet will not be visible in the pictures. Finally, if you are still unsure about outfits, consult with your photographer for their opinion. Many will allow you to look through their portfolio for ideas, and some have outfits on hand to try.

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When Should I Schedule a Photo Session?

While you should consider scheduling a photo session around 16-18 weeks gestation, you want to wait until later in the pregnancy to have the actual shoot. Maternity photographers book quickly, so scheduling early ensures you have your favorite person giving you plenty of time and attention. The perfect window for a maternity photoshoot is between 28-35 weeks for single babies or 28-30 weeks for multiples. It seems like a wide variance. However, it is based on your comfort and the size of your belly. The goal is to remember you are beautiful, not worrying about swollen feet and legs.

What Do I Do with the Photos?

You will be given the following options after a maternity photo session:

  • Digital Copy
  • Printed Packages

Many times, digital photographs are loaded onto a CD and offered as a bonus for the printed packages. Photos are nice additions to nursery walls or albums created to document the pregnancy. These books start with a picture of the positive test and then monthly bumps to show how much they have grown. Consult with maternity photographers to see what keepsakes they offer as well, such as keychains.

How Do I Find a Good Photographer?

Selecting the person capturing these memories should be given a lot of thought and consideration. You want someone who can capture your style and makes you feel comfortable. In a perfect world, your photographer will be a close friend who knows you well. However, if you are shopping for someone, consider the following questions:

  • Do you want studio pictures or something in nature?
  • Do you want your child’s nursery involved?
  • What is the photographer’s editing style? (do they prefer light and airy or dark and emotional)
  • How do I plan to use the photos?

Remember, these photographs are capturing memories, so do not rush the process. You want to be relaxed during the photoshoot and feel comfortable.