Finding the most efficient people to add to the team with the new COVID changes

Charlotte Miller

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Finding a good team to work with makes all the difference when running a business. However, through the pandemic, there were many changes that we had to adapt to. Companies and businesses had created many processes, structures, and changes in the past but could no longer use them because people were not allowed to meet one another for the most part. They had to implement changes like remote working and online meetings, which were not common, but everyone had to get used to them as they seemed like they would be around for some time. Most companies had some aspects of their work that they could handle online, but overall, there were a lot of changes that they had to get through. 

Some companies, like those in construction, hospitality, maintenance, and many other industries could not handle their work online. The Government implemented many new rules that people had to follow but they were challenging to get through because of the curfews and lockdowns. Just when a restaurant would think about opening their doors, they had to temporarily shut again. When it came to getting through processes, businesses that involved meeting in person had to wait for the situation to get better before they start meeting again, which was another challenge. 

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Some companies were downsizing, while others were telling their staff to do as much as they could remotely so they would not meet in the office. The primary aim was to make sure everyone was safe, which could only be the case if there were a lot fewer in-person interactions.

Companies were changing the way that they were hiring. For the most part, they could not have their interviews the way they did in the past. They had to get through the process virtually, and they had to have their meetings over online platforms to make the process easier and safer. With the changes to the interview processes, they created a new set of steps to allow them to pick from the best of the best. They created a series of interviews to better understand the applicant, their abilities, and whether they would be a good fit for the team.

One of the new approaches was to get applicants through a background check. These checks were not mandatory for most jobs, but they increased the chances of someone getting a job. Over the last two years, a lot was happening in most countries, and they had to make sure they were bringing in people they could trust. They did not want a situation where someone could cause an issue within the company. 

Depending on the specifics of the job they were applying for, the background check had to be additionally detailed. If they were working in leadership positions, where they were in charge or heading others, they would need to get through an online enhanced background check.Some jobs, like working in the medical profession, did not give people the chance to pick the people they would be working with, so they had to come back clean. 

Companies could also work on finding the best that they would work with. With remote working being a new option, companies no longer had to worry about picking someone who lived or moved nearby because they no longer had to come into the office. They could bring in applicants and members from across the world and would get the desired results. People were working with companies that they wanted to and they did not have to check-in, in the short run. 

When it comes to the work that they were doing, they also had to start focusing on working remotely and digitally. For the longest time, companies were toying with the idea of moving online, but they were not allocating enough of their resources to make it happen. Most of them were delaying the move because it was not enough of a priority, but with the pandemic, they did not have much of an option in getting through the process. Furthermore, many of them were even hiring for skills they did not think were a priority in the past. All companies had to work with a social media company, whether they were planning on starting one in-house or outsourcing it. They had to work on their online presence, which was a big part of what they did. With most people connecting with brands online and even making a majority of their purchases online, it made sense for them to start working on getting more of their processes automated online. 

Getting a background check was a lot simpler now than it used to be in the past. People could now get one without even leaving their homes through the internet. Some platforms would give them the forms and other requirements, and they only had to make sure that they submitted all their information correctly. Depending on the background check that they were looking for, they could even get one in a few hours while others would take them a couple of days. Getting an online clearcheck background check is the fastest thing they can get through. When it comes to making sure that the information provided is accurate, the platform would make sure that they coordinate the process through other departments like the police to make sure there are no prior records or anything that should be mentioned. 

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Background checks have an expiration date, and depending on the job position that a person is applying for, they would need a more recent one or might be able to use the previous one if they are getting through the process. People can renew their tests if they need to, using the same online platform, or get a more detailed one using the same website. All the information, including the steps to get through a basic test, is added to the website and can be done by someone who doesn’t have any tech knowledge.