5 ways to increase your YouTube subscribers through Twitter

Charlotte Miller

Updated on:

With more than 200 million active users per day, Twitter is a social media colossus whose marketing capability should not be undermined. If you’re a full time social media influencer, chances are you run more than one social media handle to augment your growth. Twitter is one such platform which has one of the highest engagement rates of people in the world. Therefore, it can easily be used as a weapon at your disposal to convert your Twitter followers and viewers into subscribers on YouTube. However, for some content creators, buying YouTube subscribers might seem like the simpler option but learning some tips and tricks will surely save you the added expense! 

Take a look below to know how it is achievable.

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  • Add the link of your YouTube channel to your Twitter account

Whenever someone comes across your Twitter account, they may take a few seconds to hover for a while. They may go through your bio, your content, your pictures and more. Therefore, it is important you mention your YouTube link in your Twitter bio so that more and more people can be redirected to your YouTube account and subscribe to your channel. 

You can even pin your best YouTube video to your Twitter handle which is a better way to leave an impression upon your viewers as compared to text alone. 

  • Promote your YouTube channel on your Twitter account

Millions of people promote their various social media handles on Twitter. Using your popularity on Twitter is a good opportunity to enhance your follower base on YouTube. Whenever you tweet, reply to a tweet, quote tweet, etc. add the link to your YouTube channel in the reply. You can always attract more of your Twitter followers by saying “Check out my YouTube channel if you thought this was funny.” People who liked your tweet will definitely check out your YouTube channel and may even hit that subscribe button. 

Another handy tactic could be to make a brief YouTube video with your intro and upload it on your Twitter handle for people to get to know you better. As an influencer or a brand, this is a great thing to do because then lots of people would be clicking on your intro and can even check out your YouTube channel. 

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  • Try to use more of trending hashtags

If you’re an influencer, always check the trending hashtags when you log into your Twitter account. As an influencer, you must be aware of trending hashtags and should continually update yourself with this knowledge. If you think you have something interesting to say regarding the trending hashtags, then don’t hesitate to post it. Think of any video you may have uploaded on your YouTube channel that could be relevant to the trending hashtags as well. Sharing relevant video/videos could be a good way to attract your followers’ attention towards your YouTube channel and convert viewers into subscribers. 

  • Collaborate with other creators

Followers love to scroll through the replies of their favourite creators. If you collaborate with other creators and often engage with their content by liking it, replying, retweeting it, then their followers can see your engagement. Twitter will also show your replies in other creator’s follower’s timeline. Don’t start engaging with other creators out of the blue, instead try to slip into their tweets by commenting and liking them initially. Gradually crank it up a notch to attract more people. Engaging regularly on Twitter with other creators is a great way to convert viewers into subscribers for your YouTube channel. 

  • Encourage your followers to share your YouTube channel link

Last but not the least, you can always rely on your loyal Twitter followers to share the link of your YouTube channel. Once they share your YouTube channel link or its content on their profile, their followers or anyone who engages with the tweets can become your potential YouTube subscriber. If you’re an influencer or a brand on Twitter, you can always run giveaways or limited period discounts on your products for those who share your YouTube channel link via their Twitter. You can always come up with exciting ways to incentivise the endeavours of your Twitter followers when they share your YouTube link. 

To buy YouTube subscribers is always a feasible option. For starters, it’ll add a lot of unwanted expenses. Secondly, you can never be sure about the sites selling YouTube subscribers as some of them can sell you bots disguised as organic followers. Many such sites have also been known to extract a lot of money from their clients only to not deliver results as promised. Nevertheless, our guide above can help you augment your YouTube subscribers in the right and organic manner.