Features of Air Track Mat and What You Need to Know

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Features of Air Track Mat and What You Need to Know

An air track mat is an inflatable mat commonly used by gymnasts, cheerleaders, and other individuals who needs landing surfaces for the specific sports they are into. These mats are thick and their surfaces are designed to encourage physical movement of the human body. It is famous and useful for individuals who have been engaged in physical training and sports that requires body movements.

Most air track mats are of different sizes; thus, depends on the purpose it serves to the players who uses them. You can even find and buy them in sizes that covers large spaces of the entire room.

Professionals and amateurs, including gymnasts and cheerleaders have been using air track mats to prevent fractures during their takeoffs. And since air track mats are lightweight, it is most convenient to move around.

Many parkour enthusiasts, cheerleaders, and gymnastics use these mats for training safely. People can also use these pats at their homes for particular exercises. The benefits these air track mats offer users are necessary and very helpful. The air track mat can play a significant role in doing your exercise safely and conveniently. Their uses are done in a wide range of sports, and the features of air track mats are also helpful in several ways. This information will help you know various things related to air track mats and their components.    

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What Materials Are Used In Making Air Track Mats?

The material used in making these mats is high-grade PVC. In addition, these High-grade PVC air track mats are non-slippery and much more durable. The air track mat layers are double-coated and stitched properly for long-lasting. However, these materials and layers may vary from product to product. You can check out Kameymall, they provide high-quality mats that are durable and convenient to use. 

Generally, the surface of air tack mats is soft and comfortable, making them highly useful for various exercises. The rail tape is also a material used around the area of the valve to fill the air. Rail tape helps prevent any leakage of air in the mat. The PVC material used is of different types meaning only good quality air track matters have high-grade PVC material. 

Features Of Air Track Mats  

A variety of air track mats is available in the market that people can buy. Air track mats come with features you can look for while buying one. Features of these mats overall make the user experience more convenient. One essential feature of these mats that you will require is splicing. It helps the users to connect one or two mats with each other. 

In addition, this feature could be beneficial while doing exercises that require more space. UV coating is another feature that many air track mats offer to increase the mat’s durability. The UV coating protects the mat from daily outside heat and enhances its durability. Furthermore, the inflatable air track mats come with accessories like an air pump used to keep the mat air-tight.   

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Key Benefits Of Using Air Track Mats 

The primary benefits of using air track mats are that they offer safety. Training or exercising for various gymnast activities could not be done on the hard floor as there is a risk of falling and injury. Therefore, in these conditions, using air track mats becomes necessary as they can prevent an injury from falling. Several other benefits that you will get by using air track mats are:

  • The air track mats are portable and thus easy to carry around while traveling. You can easily take these mats outdoor or use them in your home.
  • Reduced chances of injury and soft exercising surface.
  • Significant bouncy effects that help achieve new jump heights, mainly for gymnasts.
  • Provide confidence to people learning a new skill such as flips. 

Depth Of Air Track Mats And Essentials To Know

The air track mat comes in various sizes and depths; the mat’s thickness makes it more soft and comfy to use. The length, width, and thickness vary from mat to mat, depending on the buyer’s need. You can even buy these mats in various colors, and these air track mats usually come in sizes such as 3 meters, 4 meters, 6 meters, 10 meters, etc. 

Furthermore, these inflatable air track mats, especially commercial-grade mats, do not easily pop. You can stay tension free even if the mats get damaged because the mats can be easily repaired with patching kits and adhesive. The thickness of the air track mats is usually responsible for providing safety as thick mats can withstand the great force of people jumping.  


The air track mats can be beneficial, as you will know by now. First, these mats can be easily bought; you just need to take care of a few basic things before buying. In addition, the air track mats are portable and safe, so people will not have trouble using them.