Debunking the Most Common Home Painting Myths That Exist Today

Charlotte Miller

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One classic tactic politicians use when caught in the wrong is arguing that you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the web.

They take advantage of the fact that the internet is full of misleading information. So, as you plan a home painting project, you too should be cautious of the things you read on the internet. Understand that some things you find on the web are untrue and cause you to make the wrong decisions.

Keep reading this blog as it debunks the most common home painting myths that exist today.

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It’s a Waste of Money to Paint a Home When Selling It

When selling a home, it’s logical to look for ways to reduce the expenses you incur. So, you deeply want to believe the myth that you don’t need to paint the house. Yet, it’s necessary to paint the house to enhance curb appeal.

So, to ease this work, find the best painting company near you, such as Ulta Home Improvements. You want to find an expert who’ll advise you on the key house area to paint when selling the property. Besides, these professional painters will complete the home painting work quickly.

You Must Use Two Coats of Paint

Most likely, you’ve heard that you must use two coats of paints to get outstanding results. The problem is that this is untrue, as the number of coats you apply depends on the surface. When you prepare the surface well, you only need to use one coat of paint.

So, look for resources that guide you on how to prep surfaces before undertaking a home painting project. In addition, find expert painters who give you the right information on the number of coats of paint to use.

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Only Use Primer for Rough Walls

To save money, you want to believe the myth that you don’t need to use primer on smooth walls. So, you have done your best to clean and scrub your home walls to avoid using primer. Yet, despite having a smooth wall, it’s still necessary to use a primer to get outstanding results.

Primer ensures that the paint sticks well, thereby ensuring it doesn’t peel off after a short period. So, strive to learn how to use a primer to get superb results.

Dark Colors Make a Room Look Small

Many homeowners are against using dark colors as they believe that they make rooms look small. However, this is inaccurate as the results you get depend on the dark colors used. Some dark colors actually create the impression that a room is larger than it is.

So, strive to know the best dark colors to use depending on the results you intend to get.

Get Outstanding Results by Following the Right Home Painting Information

To get outstanding results, you need to dismiss the above home painting myths. So, look for professional painters who’ll give you the right information. You want to get advice on the number of coats to apply and the importance of primer.

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