Custom Velcro Patches- Quality Patches

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Besides being popular, custom Velcro patches are timeless, considering that even the least feature has been captured using a string. These colored gradients can create a color gradient well, blend, and make single colors stand out.

Traditional and modern at the same time, these patches are known for allowing you to use the style of your choice. They can be used to decorate clothes, hats, accessories, and much more. 

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Special Features of Quality Patches


The best way you can guarantee that your design color shines is by using a metallic thread. Art on designs in which a metallic thread has been used is outstanding, vibrant, and really attractive to the eye. 

Glow in The Dark

Patches that glow in the dark make the designs in them look funky and edgy. They also make your designs look cool in the light and even cooler without light. 

3D Puff

3-dimensional custom Velcro patches are well suited for showcasing lettering and logos, more so on hats and other accessories such as sporting products in a way that is unique and stands out in the literal sense.

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Types of Patches

  •  Embroidery

This classic patch never grows old. These patches are the definition of how well a laid-back conventional style can blend with a funky modern style. This is truly the perfect way you can present various colors and coloring options in an innovative way.  

  • Chenille

These fuzzy but fashionable patches are another unique choice to choose from. Chenille, apart from having an outstanding fuzzy surface, also has a lively outlook. Furthermore, the 3d effect that these patches have can produce around chic patches when mixed with the various robust color options.  

  • PVC

PVCs are one of those patches that you can say was designed to stand out. The three-dimension rubber design that they ascribe to set an impeccable background to the already sophisticated and outstanding colorful artwork on its top surface. Apart from having these outstanding qualities, PVCs are also highly durable and a favorite among the various patches in the market. 

  • Applique

These are classy patches that have a combination of high-quality fabric in their make-up. These trendy patches blend different colors, surfaces, and materials resulting in an elegant and unique look. 

  • Woven

This is one patch that redefines attention to detail. Woven patches produce an incredibly neat and crisp outlook by ascribing to a thinner thread on their fabric backing. Woven patches are popular since they are sewn by hand and they, therefore, pay attention to detail.  

  • Sublimated

These patches are photo-realistic patches. They are the ideal choice to get the ideal choice to transfer specific artwork from paper onto a patch. Their crisp, meticulous outline makes any images on these patches stand out. 

  • Shiny and stylish

This is a fantastic choice to add color and bring life to your merchandise. The colors on these patches appear bolder and brilliant.

  • Leather

 Just as the name suggests, patches made out of leather are luxurious and elegant. They are also convenient since they can be used on virtually every type of accessory, ranging from bags to jeans to clothes. They add a fresh, classy, and stylish look to whatever they are used on. 

Benefits of Custom Velcro Patches

If you settled on acquiring designer embroidered badges for your department, the next thing to do would be to choose the right backing that best suit your preferences. When it comes to the military and police services, Velcro backing retains its stand as a worthy choice. Its tiny hooks and loops make it convenient and secure to attach to a garment.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of this type of Velcro patches below;-

  • Versatility

 Designer Velcro patches are designed with both sexes in mind. While the single hook-sided designs are suitable for men, the two-sided designs are ideal for both men and women. Designer Velcro patches, as the name suggests, can allow the addition of a wide range of back materials for a safe connection. They are compatible with materials like leather, polyester, nylon, and also artificial leather. It is also easy to work with since it is compatible with virtually every hook or loop that can be used on accessories such as school uniforms. 


 Apart from having an elegant style, Velcro patches are easy to remove and reattach to garments. This means that you can easily take them off and clean them whenever it is convenient for you to do so. Apart from maintaining your patches’ neat appearance, regular cleaning also helps to keep the little hooks in Velcro patches intact. You can take your Velcro patch off and put it back on as often as you like, and it will still look new, all thanks to regular cleaning.


 Using designer Velcro patches, like in the case of police uniforms, make it easy to remove and clean your uniform without necessarily destroying it. Normally, you would have paid for damages if you damaged a badge. However, thanks to the convenience which comes with Velcro badges, you won’t have to be charged for destroying them. 

  • Cost-Effective

As earlier noted, Velcro badges are a cost-effective alternative. Apart from saving you money because of possible damage, these badges are also considerably cheap to purchase compared to other types of badges. With Velcro badges, you also have the option of discussing cost-effective designs that are within your budget. You also have the option of ordering and bulk, which will enable you to get a significant discount. This means even more money is saved.


In conclusion, designer Velcro patches come in different types and sizes. Depending on the buyer’s preferences, there is a wide range to choose from. Patches also come in different shapes, which can be custom designed according to the buyer’s wishes.

Furthermore, Velcro’s loop and hook system initiate a flawless application procedure. Velcro patches are perfect for multi-purpose applications. So, you can include a Velcro backing option to different patch styles.