5 High-Paying Sales Job and How to Get Them

Charlotte Miller

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If you have the gift of gab and master of the art of verbal persuasion, then, you can surely get hired for the best paying sales jobs. Several sales roles are present in nearly every industry and salespeople drive the businesses to success. 

If you have the right skills and experience, you can have a luxurious and rewarding career in sales. Top sales performers are earning up to sweet six-figure salaries. 

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What are High-Paying Sales Jobs?

Sales roles have evolved a lot over the years, it is just not cold-calling and client dinners anymore. The sales trends are also ever-changing, not a “one and done” deal. 

Salesperson completes the daily tasks and targets to improve the company’s sales. Depending on the industry and areas of expertise, they sell a variety of products. 

Like other jobs, sales positions are at entry, management, and executive levels. Sales commission and salary are highly dependent on the primary duties, experience, specialty, and country.

Earning a specific percentage shows there is no limit to the earning potential of a salesperson. It can be a rewarding and taxing career if you do not have the drive or the right skillset.

5 High-Paying Sales Jobs

The following 5 high-paying jobs in sales offer handsome salaries and benefits.

Real Estate Agent

There is a lot more to this job than what HGTV has taught us. Most people still have the “old-school” idea that it is restricted to showing people nice houses. 

This job requires the employee to list, market, sell and rent properties. Besides selling and renting properties, an agent can also advise clients on the market conditions.

It is important to always work towards becoming an expert in the field. Meet new clients, attend meets, devise marketing plans, and negotiate offers. Your charm and quick wit will help you close many deals.

Salary – Though the commission rates are low, the property value is quite high. Typically, a real estate agent is given 3% to 5%, and the majority of their earnings come from the commission. Top-selling agents earn over $100,000 per year.

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative 

The primary duty of this sales role is marketing products to doctors and hospitals for use. In simple terms, they persuade doctors to prescribe their products to patients.

Regularly, a pharmaceutical sales representative makes a myriad of calls to hospitals, HMOs, doctors’ offices, and pharmacies to find new potential clients. 

A pharmaceutical sales representative got to have extensive knowledge about the product for a better sales pitch. It is a great opportunity for entry-level workers to develop a territory. 

Salary – The median annual salary for this sales role is about $84,593, whereas, top-earners make $102,217 annually.

Sales Manager 

A sales manager oversees, leads, and guides a team of salespeople. He sets individual and team objectives, devises a sales plan, analyzes data, and assigns sales training and sales territories for each sales period.

Sales managers are also involved in the hiring and firing of any individuals on the sales team. They are answerable to the account executives and the vice president of sales about the sales targets.

Salary – The national average salary for a sales manager is $79,625 per year. Whereas, some top-notch sales managers earn over $97,000.

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Sales Engineer 

Sales engineers sell, complex, technologically, and scientifically advanced products to businesses and clients. These professionals typically work a full-time schedule to bridge the gap between product development and sales functions. 

On a typical workday, sales engineers collaborate with potential customers and sales rep colleagues, describing the technical features of the product.

Sales engineer explains why businesses and customers need this complicated software or product.

Salary – The average salary of a full-time sales engineer is $79,808 whereas top-earners make over $133,000.

Vice President of Sales 

The VP of sales is a top-level executive in sales that oversees the sales department to meet or exceed sales revenue. They analytically develop and implement strategies to contribute to the overall profitability of the company.

Vice President of sales recruits, hires, and fires sales associate as well as manage sales budget and organize all sales operation. 

Salary – The average salary of a VP of sales is $110,945, however, some high-end companies offer compensation upwards of $250,000.

How to Get High-Paying Sales Jobs?

These jobs sure sound luxurious, however, hard to get. Follow these tips to increase the chance of getting these sought-after sales jobs.

  • Pick the Sales Roles – Figure out all the high-paying sales positions and pick the role that you want to shoot for. Grow and use your network to identify the field as some of the best paying jobs are well-kept secrets. 
  • Tailor Your Skills – After choosing the ideal job, tailor your skills as per the requirements of the role. Be patient, do not expect everything to go your way as success does not happen overnight.
  • Update LinkedIn Profile and Resume – Work on your LinkedIn profile that is your public resume. Sell yourself to potential recruiters by telling the entire story of your career in sales. Before sending the CV to the employer, make sure it is updated with the latest skills, sales experience, and accomplishments.
  • Look For Sales Jobs – Check job boards at famous job sites like Indeed, SalesJobs, SalesTrax, LinkedIn, and others. Moreover, use your network to find some who can give you a leg up over other people. 
  • Contact Hiring Manager – After having dibs on a particular sales job, inquire about the hiring manager, try to contact him or send a connection request on LinkedIn.
  • Ace The Interview – After applying for a job, the next difficult step that can make or break the deal is the interview. Do your homework, be confident in your skill, and explain well how you will bring value to the position. It would not hurt to tell that you would go above and beyond to meet the needs of the role.
  • Follow-Up – Consistently follow up with the hiring managers, send thank you note, and provide any details that you failed to give in the interview.
  • Do Not Stop Trying – If you did not get your dream job, keep trying, there is no point in giving up after the first try. 


Salespeople are one of the highest-paid individuals in any organization, if you have the persuasion power and the love for this field, try for any of the job positions.