Commercial Loan Truerate Services

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Commercial Loan Truerate Services

Get the best rate possible on your commercial loan Truerate Services from Truerate. We have helped countless businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations get access to financing they need to grow their business.

Commercial Loan Truerate Services

Truerate is a commercial loan provider that provides you with the best rates possible on your commercial loan. A subsidiary of Truerate Financial, which is in turn a subsidiary of Truerate Holdings (which also owns Truerate Insurance), we have established ourselves as one of the most trusted brands within our industry.

Our team consists of experts in the field who have decades of experience working with both small businesses and large corporations alike. We can help you find the perfect solution for your business needs, whether it be securing funds for expanding operations or acquiring new equipment.

Commercial loan types that we can finance for you include:

If you need a loan for real estate, we can help. We finance commercial real estate loans for all types of commercial properties including:

  • Commercial investment real estate
  • Residential investment properties
  • Multi-family properties
  • Retail space
  • Office buildings
  • Storage facilities
  • Churches & places of worship

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1) Commercial Investment Real Estate

  • What is commercial investment real estate?
  • Benefits of commercial investment real estate
  • Provides an opportunity for investors to diversify their portfolio
  • Allows investors to earn monthly cash flow
  • Provides a hedge against inflation and other economic factors
  • Types of commercial investment real estate loans:

2) Residential Investment Properties

Residential investment properties are homes that you buy, fix up, and sell for profit. You can also rent them out to tenants who pay you monthly rent payments. This is a great way to build wealth by investing in real estate without needing a huge sum of money upfront or needing a large amount of space in your home.

If you’re interested in buying residential investment properties but don’t have the funds available right now (or even if you do), we may still be able to help! Let’s discuss how we can make this happen.

3) Multi-Family Properties

Multi-family properties are multi-unit residential properties. They can be apartment buildings, condominiums or townhouses. Multi-family properties can be financed with commercial loans.

4) Retail Space

A retail space is a type of commercial real estate that’s used to sell goods and services. Retail spaces can be found in malls, shopping centers, or stand-alone buildings. They can also be owned by a single tenant or multiple tenants.

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5) Office Buildings

Office buildings are an ideal investment for those who are looking to diversify their portfolio. They can also provide a steady stream of income, which is important when it comes to saving for retirement.

In general, office buildings tend to earn higher returns than other real estate investments because they’re considered less risky than residential properties and generate a steady cash flow from tenants. Additionally, if the building is located near public transportation options like subways or buses, this will help attract more tenants who want easy access in order to get around town without needing any cars themselves (which saves them money).

6) Storage Facilities

High-quality, secure self storage facilities play a central role in modern society. When we need to put our things in storage, there’s nothing more comfortable than having top-of-the-line facilities that are safe and accessible to us at all hours of the day. If you’re moving out of your apartment, need more closet space for seasonal gear, or have some big blockbuster items that don’t fit in your bedroom, it’s important to find an excellent storage facility.

7) Churches & Places of Worship

Churches and places of worship are great investments. They are stable and will continue to increase in value, unlike many other areas of the economy.

It is also an excellent investment for those who want to invest in something that has a positive impact on their community.

8) Light Industrial Properties

Light industrial properties, or LIHPs, include warehouses, distribution centers and other similar properties. These are often used for storage and distribution (think of your local grocery store). LIHPs can also be used for manufacturing or offices.

If you’re looking to purchase an industrial property in order to use it as an R&D center for your business, there’s no need to worry about obtaining a commercial loan from Truerate Services because we offer financing specifically designed for light industrial properties.

Truerate helps you get the best rate possible on your commercial loan

If you’re looking for a commercial loan provider, Truerate is the right place to start. Our team of commercial loan experts can help you get the best rate possible on your commercial loan and terms that are best suited to your needs.

Truerate has been providing competitively priced loans for businesses throughout the United States since 2005, helping countless entrepreneurs and business owners secure funding to grow their companies.


We believe that the best way to help our clients is to make sure they get the best rate possible on their commercial loan. We know how hard it is for many businesses to find financing, so we do everything in our power to make sure you get approved for a loan and get approved fast! Our goal is not only to provide loans but also build relationships with our clients and offer them many other services such as financial planning advice or small business consulting services.