End of tenancy clean FAQs

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End of tenancy clean FAQs

There are a wealth of questions surrounding end of tenancy cleaning. And while you can find answers to a lot of these cleaning questions on our end of tenancy cleaning page, we thought we would answer some more here.

Can I book an end of tenancy cleaner for as long as I like?

While other cleaning services we provide include time limits (our regular house cleaning services, for example), there is no time limit on an end of tenancy clean. These cleans are structured to ensure that every cleaning task that needs to get done is done. This is why we price our end of tenancy cleaning sessions based on the size of the property and not by time.

So, you cannot book an end of tenancy cleaner for a set amount of time. However, the cleaners will not leave your home until it has been cleaned, checked and cleaned again if necessary. This ensures all of the cleaning is done and that your landlord will be very happy with the result.

Can additional cleaning services be added to end of tenancy cleans?

Additional cleaning services can be added to end of tenancy cleans. At Cleaning Express, we have carpet and upholstery cleaning services that you can add to your end of tenancy cleans. We also now offer external window cleaning, which can be added to your end of tenancy cleans too.

The reason why cleaning services are extra is that not everyone requires them. In the case of the additional cleaning services we provide, they include bringing specialised equipment and people trained to safely use the equipment. So, as not every property requires these services, they are not included in the base package for our end of tenancy cleans. However, if you need them, please mention this to the Cleaning Express when you book your end of tenancy clean with us.

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Are end of tenancy cleans customisable?

No, an end of tenancy clean is a very structured cleaning session. While most of our cleaning services are completely customisable to the needs of your home or business, we have to restrict end of tenancy cleans.

This is because we use a checklist throughout these cleans. It ensures that we clean your property entirely and do not miss any areas that your landlord could charge you to have cleaned. As these are designed to be a top to bottom clean of an entire property, and only include essential cleaning services, in order for you to get as much of your deposit back as possible, we are unable to offer any customisation options on end of tenancy cleans.

If you would like a more customisable cleaning service that is similar to our end of tenancy cleans, perhaps try our deep cleaning services. With these, we can customise the cleaning to suit any needs you have.

Can I go out whilst the cleaners are in the property?

Yes, you can leave our cleaners in the property. We understand that moving out is a very stressful time, and we’re sure you have other very important things to do on the day of your end of tenancy clean. All of our cleaners are vetted, professionally trained, wonderful human beings. So, it is perfectly safe to leave them to do the work.

Are cleaning supplies and equipment provided?

Yes, our team of cleaners will bring everything they need to clean your property at the end of your tenancy. There is no need to leave any cleaning equipment or products behind. In fact, we do ask that everything has been moved out of the property that isn’t your landlord’s so that we can clean more efficiently.

As said above, our usual end of tenancy cleaning team does not bring a carpet cleaning machine, upholstery cleaning equipment or any window cleaning equipment. So, if you require these services, please give us enough notice to ensure the equipment is ready to go on the day.

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Do you have to professionally clean at the end of a tenancy?

There currently isn’t a law stating that tenants must clean the property when they leave. However, if it isn’t cleaned correctly, a landlord can legally charge you to have it professionally cleaned.

Some years ago, before I worked for Cleaning Express, me and my partner were moving out of our flat and decided to give the cleaning a go ourselves. We lasted about an hour before we gave up and hired a cleaning team to come round in a few days to finish the job.

The cleaning checklists that we use are available online. And, when you see them, you’ll see how much work goes into end of tenancy cleaning. It is one of the most thorough cleans we offer because it has to be done right. The landlord will see any issues or errors, and if you’ve done the cleaning yourself, you will likely face a cleaning bill to put these errors right.

While you don’t have to get a property professionally cleaned when you move out, I can say from experience the stress it saves and the shear amount of work it stops you needing to do, makes this cleaning service well worth it!

The landlord noticed an issue with the cleaning. What should I do?

Cleaning Express has a built-in guarantee with all of our end of tenancy cleans. This guarantee states that if your landlord or their estate agent finds any cleaning errors in the property, we will return and put them right. We can either organise this with you if you still have the keys, or your landlord, whichever works best.

If you decide to use a different cleaning company (or aren’t based in London to use the fantastic cleaning services of Cleaning Express), always look for this guarantee. If a cleaning company doesn’t offer any sort of guarantee for its end of tenancy cleans, do not use them. They may do the work perfectly well, but if they don’t, you’ll be faced with another cleaning bill.

We hope this answers your questions about end of tenancy cleans. If you have more questions, give Cleaning Express a call. We’re happy to help with any cleaning questions and can book your end of tenancy clean in as quickly as the next day!