Choosing Designers, an Interview With Asif Ali Gohar

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Choosing Designers, an Interview With Asif Ali Gohar

When you work with materials and textiles it is almost certain that you will need designers to create the most up to date materials. You may also be working with fashion designers and others to find a way to create items that they want or need. Becoming a part of their design process can create new uses and increase clients around the year. Today, we are talking with Asif Ali Gohar on his stance on the subject.

How do you choose what designers to work with for designing your new versions and colours or textures?

When I’m looking to expand my line, I begin with people that are already working in the company. I want to encourage them to be creative and to put forward ideas, plus they know the material better than anyone so can better judge what it can do and what it can’t do.

If there isn’t anyone within my company who can do it, then I begin to look outside of that. I seek out people who are just finishing school or who have just launched their career. I think this offers me the most new ideas and brings in creative talent. They haven’t learned bad habits yet and they are able to see things in a whole new way. I look through their portfolios and those make a bigger impression than their marks or how they do on tests. It is also important that they understand why we are doing this and the focus on environmental protections. This ensures they will fit into the culture better and produce ideas that are going to fit the brand and work well for us.

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Do you work with any fashion or apparel designers?

I do work with some fashion designers and some clothing lines. When they want something specific and they can’t find it, or they want the material to work in a different way, to match a specific colour line, then we are often able to make that happen. We are not such a large company that we can no longer offer these personalized services so we will continue to do so as long as we can. I think that offering customizations and trying to find new adaptations will build a strong relationship with others and will make them want to work with us more.

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How do you decide what designers of apparel or accessories that you want to work with?

This is a bit harder for me to answer.
Sometimes I think we should work with anyone who asks, but there may be ideas that we don’t agree with, or there can be brands that have beliefs and behaviors that don’t align with our brand.
I try to have some basic research done on them first, and determine if they might be a good fit. Then I discuss with them what they are looking for and why, and why they chose this material over the others available. If we are able to do what they are requesting, and if their company ethics align with ours, then I will be happy to work with them. By not working with those who are too different or who do not align, I think that I will attract a better fit later.