Beginner at Indoor Cycling? Install This App Today

Berry Mathew

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Beginner at Indoor Cycling? Install This App Today

Are you just starting your journey with indoor cycling? It is an exciting way to keep yourself engaged and fit at the same time. If you are new to this workout, then you should absolutely install the latest app for this. Vingo is a versatile and powerful app that you can install to your iPhones, or iPads. The app is free to download now but you might have to pay a marginal fee in the future. The market price for such apps is north of $20 per month. However, with Vingo, you need not spend that much. It is easy for you to get started with cycling at an affordable price.

Cycling is Therapeutic to the Body & soul

Cycling is not only an exercise but also an enjoyable experience. Most people think that cycling helps in making the body healthy. Yes, it is true. However, cycling is also helpful in many other ways. For a starter, you will feel light and feel happy when you cycle. The act of cycling can be therapeutic to many as it gives the freedom to travel. Unlike motor bikes, where an engine properly the vehicle, a cycle is completely propelled by you making it an ideal confidence booster.

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Cycle in the Virtual World of Vingo

If you are new to cycling indoors, then you should also check out the interesting online cycling. As the name indicates, it is a way in which you cycle in the virtual online world. It is enjoyable and at the same time, it motivates you to exercise more and more. For a starter, you will find the virtual world exciting. If you use an app like Vingo then the experience that you get will be much better than the usual one. The app creates a virtual yet a realistic arena in which you can run or cycle. 

Start Your Cycling Journey with the Vingo App

After installing the indoor cycling app in your mobile or tablet, you can create a profile specific for you. You can create digital avatars that are to your liking. You can customise the avatar with your photo or selfie. Similarly you can also take your friends with you inside this world. All they need is a smartphone and internet connection. You can become friends inside this virtual world and communicate with each other. This way, you will not be constrained by the location in the real world. Even if your friend is in a different time zone, you can exercise together with the help of the internet.

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Run or Cycle but Enjoy Your Exercises

What is more important in Vingo, is that you can use the app not only for cycling but also for running. All it needs is a ANT+ sensor for the app to monitor the workouts that are happening in the exercise or treadmill. You can use the app for your virtual bike training. This way you will be fit while still enjoying the fun times with your friends and family.