Children’s Sunglasses – Important UV Protection for The Eyes

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Good sun protection for the eyes is a must, especially for children. Eyes of children are sensitive and prone of UV rays and radiation. In this article you can read why this is the case and how you can optimally protect your child.

Rubbing children with sunscreen is a matter of course for everyone. However, many do not know that the eyes of children also need special protection.

Whether autumn, winter, spring or summer, children like to play outside and preferably in the sun. Even when the sky is cloudy or the children are playing in the shade, the eyes are exposed to UV radiation. The UV exposure of the eyes depends, among other things, on various factors: the position of the sun, the geographical location (near the equator, mountains, water), the environment and the skin texture/eye color of the individual person.

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Extremely sensitive children’s eyes

Babies in the first year of life should never be exposed to the blazing sun. The retina of the youngest is still very weakly protected from incoming radiation.

Children’s eyes are more susceptible to dangerous UV radiation

Children and adolescents have a kind of UV window. This means that the UV radiation is transmitted in large quantities through the lens of the eye to the retina. This can lead to retinal damage (age-related macular degeneration = AMD), which becomes noticeable in old age.

In addition, UV radiation in strong sunlight and additional reflection of the rays (for example in the snow or on the water) without good sunglasses can colloquially lead to “snow blindness”. This is a painful inflammation of the eye and extreme sensitivity to light. Therefore, make sure to wear a sun hat or sun protection on the stroller in any case. Good sunglasses help prevent long-term damage.

Children have larger pupils and more transparent eye lenses than adults. In comparison, this means that around 70 percent more UV rays reach the inside of the eye. The most problematic for the eyes is the direct incidence of sun rays on the lens.

By the way: 80 percent of UV light hits the retina in the first 20 years of life.

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Buying tip: No cheap sunglasses, please

Please do not buy cheap sunglasses for your child, because dark glasses only provide optimal protection if they have a good UV filter effect. On the contrary, without UV filter protection, the glasses are actually more harmful: Because of the darkening, the pupils also dilate, so that more UV radiation enters the eye.

The new children’s sunglasses should be scratch-resistant and break-proof and must not contain any sharp metal parts. Children’s sunglasses must have large, high-quality filter glasses and a child-friendly nose bridge, and must be made of suitable materials. It is also important that the glasses fit perfectly and are adequately covered (also on the sides). Lenses and frames must completely protect the eye from UV light.

Good children’s sunglasses have a particularly high UV filter (UV-400) and can be recognized by the “CE” mark (the EU safety standard).

There are different levels of transmission (light permeability of the glass): Category 0 is a very light filter, suitable for indoor use or in the evening. Category 1 and 2 are medium filters for cloudy days. Category 3 are dark filters for summer, the mountains, on the beach or during water sports. This category is used the most in our latitudes. Category 4 are extremely dark filters and are suitable in high mountains and on glaciers. Warning, this category is no longer permitted on the road. The best thing to do is to seek advice from a specialist shop.


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Sunglasses – Nice Protection for The Eyes

Pretavoir offers a wide range of high-quality sunglasses from leading manufacturers. In our selection, we set fashionable standards with protective precision glasses that perfectly match your needs. Come by and try the current collections!

Rely on the highest quality when it comes to glasses.

In general, we offer sunglasses lenses in optically cut form. So they either have exactly zero diopters or exactly the power you need. Here are branded products made by ZEISS is used.

The so-called Skylet glasses specifically filter out blue components from the glaring sunlight. “SkyPol” glasses also have a polarization filter. This special filter absorbs reflected, directed light and thus prevents glare – which is particularly advantageous for drivers. We also have special sunglasses for alpinists and skiers.

Things to Know About UV Protection

All sunglasses from Pretavoir have a high level of UV protection – regardless of the color of the lens. And that is also important, because the harmful UV-A and UV-B radiation can still be present even in cloudy weather or in the shade. For special requirements such as skiing or on the water, we recommend special UV blocking filters. Because at great heights or through water and snow, additional reflections can arise that are not only uncomfortable, but can also be dangerous.

We would be happy to advise you on your ideal sunglasses!

Advantage with Technology

Technology and team – these are the two pillars of Pretavoir. We have always been committed to using the latest standards in ophthalmic technology – and we are proud of that.

Innovative Technology Looks Deep into Your Eyes

No two eyes are alike.

Each eye is as individual as a fingerprint – with unique imaging properties. In order to make this visible and usable for the production of precision spectacle lenses, your entire eye is measured precisely with the i.Profiler®, a measuring device. 

With Wave Front Technology for an Exact Visual Profile

The precise visual profile of your eyes is determined using so-called wave front technology and displayed on an optical map.

Visual defects that cannot be detected in a simple eye test are taken into account and converted. These results are then precisely implemented in the manufacture of the individual ZEISS spectacle lenses.

To A New Dimension of Vision

The result is glasses that give you a new visual experience. Colors appear to you to be rich in contrast and brilliant. The advantages of i.Profiler® optimized glasses are particularly evident at night and during twilight , when your eyes have to recognize situations with little light . You can see the headlights of oncoming vehicles more clearly, with less interference and with significantly less glare. Your eyes will tire less quickly.

High-Quality Glasses That Fit Like a Tailor-Made Suit

But the best lens data is of no use if the glasses are not adjusted just as precisely. Adjustments by hand, as was common practice until recently, can lead to loss of vision. This is why we, at Pretavoir, rely on the tried and tested ZEISS technology and center each lens precisely on your pupil – taking into account your natural posture and head position. The result is high-quality glasses that fit like a tailor-made suit.

In a nutshell: Our expert tips

  • Take good quality sunglasses for children. It should be robust and flexible.
  • When buying, look out for the «UV-400» quality features or the «CE» mark.
  • Large plastic glasses. The sunglasses should close well on the sides.
  • Prevention is better than treatment.
  • Hat or cap provide additional protection.
  • The sunglasses should fit perfectly.