5 Powerful Herbal Teas for Good Eye Care 

Charlotte Miller

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Tea is the second most popular beverage in the world. Surprisingly, herbal tea has been proved as one of the best home remedies for our health. It improves stomach issues, makes your skin shiny, deals with obesity issues, boosts heart health, etc. 

If you have a blood circulation problem, herbal tea can regulate your circulatory system. Our eyes are also the organs which help us to observe the nature and colors of the world. Some eye problems have no early signs, but it’s too late to cure the issue. 

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Many facts can give us a healthy vision, such as:

  • Manage stress
  • Maintain healthy weight 
  • Quit smoking 
  • A healthy diet for the eyes
  • Wearing UV glasses 

You need to preserve your eyesight on your own because medical treatment can leave negative side effects. Once one of the best eye doctors in Lahore shared with the people that Natural ways always give promising results and improve vision. You can drink herbal teas to keep your eyes healthy. Besides, herbal teas also reduce your tiredness, manage fluid retention, refresh your eyes, keep eyes focused, etc. 

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Let’s find out about the most common eye diseases. 

  • Cataracts: People over age 50 suffer from this issue that involves the opacity of the crystalline lens of the eyes. 
  • Computer Visual Syndrome: more than three hours of computer usage result in computer vision syndrome. The early signs include burning, dryness, red eyes, blurred vision, etc.
  • Conjunctivitis: the eye disease which is caused by virus and bacteria is known as conjunctivitis. Early symptoms of conjunctivitis are tears, inflamed eyes, redness, feeling sand, etc. 
  • Refractive Errors: visual impairment is mostly caused by refractive errors and may result in presbyopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, etc. 
  • Macular Degeneration: it refers to a hereditary disease that results when the retina of the eye is being affected. People over age 50 often suffer from this disease, and it leads to irreversible eye loss. 

Herbal teas provide the most powerful benefits to the eyes like:

  • Safe your eye from oxidative stress
  • Prevent eyes and retina from UV rays
  • Prohibits the formation of cataracts
  • Protect your eyes from age-related eye issues 

Herbal Teas for Reversible Vision 

Bilberry Leaf Tea

Our eyes also need important minerals and vitamins. Bilberry leaf tea offers incredible benefits to our eyes’ health, including anthocyanins, minerals, and vitamins. To improve eye health, blood vessels play an important role. This herbal tea protects the eye blood vessels and capillaries from damage. You can use this tea to treat Macular degeneration, retinopathy, etc.

Research says that this is the power bank of antioxidants.

CBD Tea:

People with glaucoma experience many symptoms, and this condition takes away the quality of life. Cannabis has been proved to be one of the best treatments for glaucoma. You need to consult with your doctor because it can lead to low blood pressure.  

Bitter Melon Tea

Eyes need different elements, such as lutein, zeaxanthin, carotene, etc. Fortunately, Study shows that bitter melon tea contains all of these. Such contained properties improve your eyes and deal with age-related eye issues. 

Gingko Biloba

Like our body, our eyes also need proper blood circulation in the retina. The research study is still continued but still, it is a crystal clear fact that Gingko Biloba improves the vision as it contains antioxidants and provides benefits to the nerve of the eyes. 

Green Tea

Last but not least green tea has been proved as one of the best components for a healthy life. People drink green tea regularly to lose weight. It reduces the chances of cataracts’ formation and macular degeneration. What are you waiting for?

Add green tea to your daily life routine and get robust protection against common eye disorders. 

People use the herbs to reduce eye inflammation and other eye conditions such as swollen eyes, puffiness, pink eyes, dark circles, stye, red eyes, rosacea, etc.


No matter how much you care for your eyes, you still need to visit an ophthalmologist, according to experts from Akram Eye Hospital. You need to follow some eye exercises if you use the computer for more than three hours per day. You can treat mild symptoms of eye conditions by using our shared herbal tea tips at home.