Building Brand Awareness with Custom Neon Signs 

Charlotte Miller

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Good signs have a way of sticking with us. A memorable sign or logo can really impact brand awareness, and a custom neon sign from Hypemakerz can do the trick in more ways than one. Not sure how? Keep reading to find out how your brand can benefit from an LED neon sign.

We see signs and logos every day, but some of them are more memorable than others. Think of the green Starbucks sign, Amazon’s simple logo, or even Google’s colored logo. All these brand’s signs and logos are immediately recognizable, and more than that, we make subconscious associations with the brand when we see their signs. 

Seeing a logo or sign of a brand you’ve interacted with might remind you of a product of theirs, their good customer service, or even a positive interaction. Having noticeable and memorable signage is such a key part of your business for many reasons. 

Whether it’s a large storefront logo, a branded image on your website, or even a customer neon sign hanging on your business’s walls, each sign contributes to your brand’s overall image. Therefore, it’s important to understand how signs can affect your branding and your clients’ perception of your company. 

Here, we’ll focus on how signs can help build and increase your business’s brand awareness. A sign is more than just a simple display of your logo. It can take on many forms and work for you even when you don’t realize it.

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How Signs Build Brand Awareness 

Let’s take a closer look at the multiple ways that signs can make an impact on your company’s brand awareness. Since it’s our area of expertise, at MK Neon, we’ll focus specifically on custom neon signs. (Which also happens to be the best kind of signs, not that we’re biased or anything!) 

Signs Act As Your First Impression 

Online or in-store, your company’s logo, branded images, and signs or advertisements that you use are the first interaction new clients will have with your business. That’s why it’s so important to make a meaningful impact right away. 

A sign carries with it some information about what your company is as well as its personality. Using a custom neon sign is a great way to convey this information to your clients.

Imagine a client walking into a local café for the first time and they see a bright neon sign on the wall. The sign isn’t necessarily of the company’s logo, but maybe a quirky or inviting quote. The client might begin to think your company is youthful, fun, approachable, and playful. They’ll know that they can come to your café to unwind, relax, and be themselves in a casual atmosphere. 

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Reach Your Target Audience 

Ok, maybe if you run a local bridge club for seniors, you might want to forego a flashy neon sign. But in almost any other case, a noticeable sign can be a positive force for helping you reach and retain your target audience. 

If you’re a new business or even going through a rebranding phase, you want to be able to identify your target audience and create signage and branding materials that will appeal to them, first and foremost. 

Ask yourself what type of audience you’re trying to reach. If you’re a luxury company, you don’t want a sign that looks like it belongs in a kid’s clothing store. Your signs should stay on-brand when it comes to creating a feeling and an image that will appeal to your target base. 

Custom neon signs are a great way to stay hip, current, and modern all while helping your establishment connect with new consumers. 

Increases Visibility 

The trick with increasing visibility with signs seems simple but is often done incorrectly by many businesses. Here’s the secret: place your sign somewhere highly visible. 

Seems obvious, right? 

Still, a lot of company’s make the mistake of not putting their best signs forward. Having a logo outside of your store or business isn’t always enough. You want to have noticeable and clear signage for things like sales or notices. 

As for neon signs, if your business has a storefront, hang them on a wall that’s visible from an outside window or even hanging from the ceiling as a window display. This will create intrigue for clients passing by your store. Even if they don’t come inside immediately, they’ll associate your store or business with that visible sign and might remember it better for next time. 

Signs Get Seen on Social Media 

Who doesn’t love free advertising?

There’s no denying that some signs, neon signs, in particular, can be really trendy. Patrons at bars, restaurants, and stores love finding unique signs that they can use for a selfie opportunity or even snap a photo on its own. 

A logo or symbol likely won’t go viral, but if you have a funny or relatable neon quote or even a neon hashtag related to your brand hung on the wall, people will love to take photos of it and share it online. What started as a relatively small investment for you in a custom neon sign has the potential to turn into a huge source of free advertising. 

As your clients post and share more pictures of your sign and business on social media, you’re increasing your brand awareness. These shared images can reach a wider audience of people who may be learning about you for the first time on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Tik Tok. 

This is why creating signs that are specific to your business is so effective. Which brings us to our next point… 

A Unique Sign Sets You Apart 

It pays to put some thought into the sign you want for your business. A neon “but first coffee sign will likely garner more eye-rolls than shared Instagram posts, so it’s vital to make sure your sign is unique to your business and your brand. 

Not only will a unique sign draw more attention, but it can also help set you apart from your competition. A good logo or sign can leave a positive impression in your client’s minds, making them prefer your products or services over others. 

Think of the stylistic elements of your sign too, not just its content. Your sign’s style will help evoke a certain mood, like classiness, professionalism, or maybe even wildness. Whatever message you’re trying to get across, something like a custom neon sign can help you create an image for your brand and bring customers back again and again. 

Start Building Your Custom Sign Today 

Now that you have a better understanding of how important signage is for your company’s branding efforts, your next step should be brainstorming ideas for signs. We’ve got a few of our own ideas to help inspire you if you want a custom neon sign for your business or you’re just looking for good quotes to use

Do you already have an idea in mind? Great! Use our custom neon sign builder to play around with fonts and colors so you can see how your sign could look. Or, contact us for a free quote and we’ll be happy to give you our professional advice.