Best 5 Adobe Photoshop Alternatives

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Best 5 Adobe Photoshop Alternatives

Photoshop can scare a newcomer with lots of buttons, panels, and other obscure tools. Today we will tell you about five photo editors which are much easier to learn for beginners. If you are interested in more Photoshop alternatives for Mac visit Skylum`s blog, where there are more than a dozen of them.


It is an undeservedly unpopular photo editor, perfect for many novice users. Its advantage is that it is a web application, you do not need to download it, and you can work directly from your browser. This photo editor supports image layers and has many tools like brushes, internal glow effects, and more. Its only disadvantage is the lack of a Paint tool for easy photo correction. Layers, masks, painting, color correction, effects — you have literally everything at your disposal.


This application is suitable for creating and editing files of all kinds, banners, posters, video covers, etc. You can also highlight the huge photo stock of several hundred thousand pictures. The beginner-friendly interface will help you choose a background, or pick the right tool. In addition to supporting multiple formats, an unlimited number of layers, and non-destructive editing, Fotor boasts extensive image retouching and correction capabilities. In addition, the program is characterized by high performance and support for the Touch bar.

There is a reason why many people recommend Fotor as their choice for a simple photo editor on the Mac. The app is incredibly easy to use. Everything is pre-installed from the start, and you don’t have to deal with complicated settings.

The app will start by giving users three choices: perform standard editing, create a collage from selected images, or simultaneously edit multiple photos in batch mode. You can continue by selecting the images you want to work with.

The editing interface is also simple. You get all the viewing tools, such as rotating and zooming below the image, and editing tools, such as scenes, cropping, adjustments, and effects, on the right side. Clicking on one of these tools will give you even more action.

The simplicity of the app ensures that you won’t be overwhelmed and intimidated by the editing process of a more advanced editor.

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Luminar Neo

Quite a versatile photo editing app that can replace several highly specialized tools. It`s a specialized photo editing solution that many professionals have already preferred to Adobe Photoshop. Luminar Neo offers a whole set of tools, including various presets, AI-based tools, noise removal, and much more. The application has a user-friendly interface that simplifies interaction with the tools, automatically adapting to the user’s work style. It simplifies the work, and the smart features make it more convenient for both beginners and professionals. The application contains a huge number of tools for every need. Among them are cropping, color correction, vignette, blur, as well as blemishes removal, and other retouching functions.


Darktable is a free, open-source mac photoshop alternative program, a favorite in the Linux community, and also available for macOS. More advanced than some of the other options presented here, Darktable offers many advanced photo editing features, such as the ability to create multiple masks for your photos, great workflow features, and excellent compatibility with a huge number of high-quality cameras.

It is replete with modules such as the excellent Tone Equalizer and the RGB Film Module. With practice, you can give your professional photos a beautiful look that’s hard to get anywhere else. Darktable is designed for post-processing RAW photos, so if you’re looking for quick fixes, you might want to take a look at the other options on this list. If you’re serious about your photography but don’t want to spend money on something like Adobe Lightroom or really want to learn about photo editing along the way, then look no further.

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If you’re more of a social media fan who likes to take personalized and cute photos and share them, you might want to try Pixlr. This online image editor from Autodesk is the perfect application to filter and overlay images to create unique and interesting images. The app has dozens of artistic effects, attractive lighting options, vector graphic shapes, stickers, and more.

The app is perfect for those who want to take vivid pictures without worrying about the dreaded elements of photo editing, such as white balance, saturation, or hue. Pixlr can be your ticket to social media fandom.

The site is now divided into “Pixlr E,” which is for advanced photo editing, and “Pixlr X,” which is more dedicated to graphic design. We recommend Pixlr E if photos bother you the most.


As a platform for creativity, the Mac provides its users with many choices of image editors. It’s impossible to include everything in the short list above, but it should be enough to get anyone started on their image editing journey.