Benefits of google reviews for your business

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Benefits of google reviews for your business

Google is the world’s largest search engine. Today, Google is not only limited to their search, but they are combining different products together to give their customer total satisfaction. Also, Google has different business-oriented products, one of which is Google My Business (GMB). Using GMB, local businesses can manage their online presence and get reviews and ratings from their customers.

What are Google reviews?

Reviews express the experience a customer gets from a business. In an online review, users give reviews in text form. Reading previous reviews, they let other people know about the business and mark them a good or bad business to google. Google takes reviews as a suggestion from a user to know if the local business is worthy of getting a higher rank.

Google includes different GMB features in Google search and Google Maps. So, users of these services can easily access their great features. Google reviews of course get more priority than any other review platform gets.

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Benefits of google reviews for your business

Most of the customers, nearly 90% of them read reviews before buying from a business. The number is not low at all. Hence every business owner should always focus on increasing Google reviews to open a huge number of benefits. In this article, I will discuss some of the greatest benefits of google reviews for your business.

Google reviews increase brand trust.

Your potential customer will always trust reviews from your customer. Because, when a person is going to spend money on your business, he or she will want to ensure the best value. So if your business has lots of positive reviews, your customer will easily trust you and put you above any other of your competitors.

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More positive Google reviews will boost your SEO.

Google is basically a search engine with many other products. Ranking first in google means a lot of sales. Google always wants to ensure the best business for its users, so if you have more positive reviews, you will get a huge SEO boost.

Google’s local business search algorithm takes reviews seriously. About 6% of the whole weight is given to the reviews and other GMB-related parameters. Positive reviews will improve all parameters related to google searches. The Google search algorithm focuses on,

  1. Quantity of your reviews.
  2. How fast do you get the reviews?
  3. From how many places your reviews come from.

Considering these parameters, Google calculates your rank on the search page. So reviews will improve your local SEO.

Good local SEO will give you more visitors than you ever had and the number will increase day by day. Also in Google Maps, people usually click on the first result before checking others. So, if you have a good amount of positive reviews, you can take the lead to you.

Google reviews will build brand awareness.

Good brand awareness is necessary if you want to compete with your competitors. If you don’t have money to run advertisements, you can easily use the reviews to increase your brand awareness. Reply to the reviews, when people read the reviews, they will recognize your business name and location. Reviews work as a good marketing tool. With good brand awareness from your target consumers, you will get more priority than anyone else.

Directly collect insights from your customers.

Customer insights are a very essential element that reviews contain. If you can analyze your customer, you can provide them with the best value and satisfy them. It makes your decision-making a lot easier. Go to your GMB review page and read the reviews. Positive and negative reviews are the feedback after you generate a sale. Also, customers give star ratings, which reflect the overall performance of your business. A Star rating above 4.5 is considered good. Getting 5 stars in GMB is too hard. Because Google not only takes customer ratings into account but also reviews sentiments and ratings from other platforms too.

You can remain transparent with your customers.

With the combination of negative and positive Google reviews, you will remain transparent to your customer. Reply to the reviews will signal to your customers that you want to be transparent with your customer. Because nowadays, transparency is a huge deal for businesses to get the trust of the customers.

Get more website Traffic

With lots of positive reviews, you will get more website traffic. Because Google will prioritize you on their front page and people will get interested in your business by just only reading the reviews. When a customer arrives at your business page, you can handle that customer in any way you want. You can promote your upcoming best product before them, or you can send a message and start a conversation to convince them.

Among all of the advantages mentioned above, you will get many more advantages. Google always wants the best business on its search page. Also, you want to get as many customers as possible. There are different ways of getting reviews.

Ask your customers for the reviews: You can ask your customer for the reviews. In this way you will get real and relevant Google reviews. This method is 100% safe but takes a huge time to reach a considerable good amount.

Purchasing Google reviews: Buying google reviews are always a great idea you might want to consider. This way you will have no risk of getting negative reviews. You will get reviews like you want. But the con is that the wrong review provider may ruin your reputation. So choose the best provider to buy google reviews.

Our last words

Google reviews simply can’t be ignored. They are great tools for your business growth and development. They have the power to transform from nothing to everything. So always think about how you can increase the number of google reviews on your GMB page. Reviews are a total win for free. Reviews help you to become the top choice of your consumers which is not possible with any other marketing method as easily as a review does.