Bedroom Interior Design Ideas to Transform Your Space

Charlotte Miller

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A bedroom is undeniably one of the most significant rooms in your house. With a busy schedule of work and family obligations, having a comfortable space to unwind and recharge is essential. That is why looking for bedroom decoration ideas is so important and that’s what we’ll help you do today. 

Close quarters may be claustrophobic and, to be honest, unlivable. However, there are occasions when we have no control over the size of our bedroom. The good news is that with a little smart decorating and imaginative organising, your little space will feel almost palatial. Okay, so it’s not quite palatial, but it’s big enough to be your retreat at the end of a hard day and trendy enough to flaunt. Simply copy these designers’ strategies, and you’ll see that size doesn’t really matter. 

But before we get to that, let’s imagine your perfect bedroom? What do you see? A big pile of throw pillows? Some cosy rugs? Or a gorgeous wallpaper? Maybe all of these things? We love our bedrooms no matter what they look like. But if they are designed to meet our expectations, there’s no place quite like it. Okay, so now that you have your beautiful bedroom set in your mind, here are 10 game-changing master bedroom interior design ideas to get you started.

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Skip the Headboard

Particularly with a small room interior design, less is more. Despite this minimalist bedroom’s modest, gentle colour palette and bare decoration approach, it exudes a strong feeling of personal flair and ease of living. This is due to the polished materials and consistent appearance. If you like this silent, cosy, serene vibe, this beautiful bedroom design is for you.

Go for a Striking Bed

This bedroom interior design demonstrates how textures, unexpected combinations, and sculptural forms can give character—and cosiness—to a generally neutral environment. This one is especially great for late-night sleepovers because it’s dark and moody. Also, don’t let the fact that you have a limited room prevent you from selecting larger furnishings. This dramatic four-poster bed takes up the majority of the space, which is actually a good thing since the statement piece is getting what it deserves.

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Keep in Bright

With fewer and bolder pieces, keep it customized yet individual. This bedroom interior design seems both sleek and deliberate, yet there’s still plenty of individuality packed in, from the brilliant red bedding to the modern bed frame and graphic lamp. Each item also makes a reference to the stunning abstract picture that hangs above the bed.If you’re not the kind to enjoy such bold colours, you can opt for a more pastel red and keep the accent pieces bright and vibrant. The combination of grey and red is also an amazing feature. 

Play with Textures

This bedroom interior design illustrates that you don’t need a vast canvas for the perfect tiny nest, with loads of patterns ranging from the golden damask-print coverlet to the warm pile of flower cushions to the detailed shutter design. The abundance of floral design sits well with the otherwise plain room and is giving this space a new life. 

It’s Okay to Shrink it

Try a stool instead of a bench if you don’t have enough room to draw up a bench to the end of your bed. It’ll give your room that extra shine and provide a place to lay your shoes or stow a blanket, but it won’t be as big or take up as much visible space. To contrast with the beautiful tan bed frame, a lovely stool is used to complete the look of this room’s interior design.If you’re someone who loves the minimal yet impactful look, this bedroom is for you. 

Have Fun with the Wallpaper

A bold, brilliant custom made wallpaper may help cocoon your room and give it a jewel-box impression, even if it seems a little much for a tiny area. To make a statement, you don’t have to cover the entire wall. Simply pick a tiny area and cover it in a whimsical print, like in this stunning bedroom interior design.

Use Those Awkward Nooks

Those awkward nooks behind your bed or on the side of your window often get ignored. But why? These spaces offer a great opportunity to be creative and create a statement corner in your room. Deck it up with lamps or create a dressing area. The idea is to maximise space and use it to the best of its ability. Hanging planters, photo frames, and full-size mirrors are also perfect accessories for these corners.

Get Scrappy with Storage 

When you have a small bedroom, you have to be resourceful and creative with storage—otherwise, you’ll never find what you’re searching for unless you step on it. Take a cue from this room, where the bed has built-in drawers and is framed by a bookcase, which provides additional storage as well as a place to exhibit décor and art. Learn more here about the different types of wooden bed frames with built-in drawers that will surely add much-needed storage space in a small bedroom.

So, here we have it. These excellent bedroom interior design hacks are perfect to get your creative juices flowing and put you in the mood to re-do your living space. Now, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with professional interior design companies like Livspace and transform your bedroom today. Livspace is one of the most reputed interior design firms in the country and can help you get the home of your dreams with their end-to-end services and hassle-free deliveries.