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Tired of waiting months before you can enjoy your cannabis? Autoflower seeds allow you to expedite the entire cultivating process, promising succulent buds in half the usual time.

Autoflower seeds are very popular with seasoned growers. They allow cultivators to produce medium-sized yields in a short amount of time while maintaining a strain’s iconic taste and psychoactive effects.

Keep reading to learn all about these cannabis seeds and their unique benefits. You’ll find out what makes them different from the other marijuana varieties and where to buy the best quality autoflower seeds in the USA.

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What are autoflower seeds?

The aptly named autoflower seeds are a unique type of cannabis that doesn’t depend on the sun to enter their next growth phase. Cultivators can grow this variety of marijuana indoors and outside and expect medium-sized yields within three months.

These specialized growing abilities are due to additional ruderalis genetics incorporated within autoflower cannabis seeds. Fortunately, the altered genes don’t change your favorite marijuana strain’s unique flavor profile and capabilities.

Raising autoflower seeds is challenging if you’re still new to cultivating cannabis. It’s best that beginners try out easier feminized or regular options before tackling this marijuana variety.

There are hundreds of autoflower seeds available for purchase, with each one offering different flavors and effects. Click here to browse through some of the most popular cannabis cultivars available online.

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Regular seeds vs. autoflower

Regular cannabis seeds are the most natural form of marijuana you can buy. They’re described as beginner-friendly and require up to seven months to go from seed to harvest. Autoflower seeds are difficult to raise and take only a few weeks to grow.

Another difference between these two varieties is that there’s a 50/50 chance your regular seeds sprout into male plants. In comparison, autoflower marijuana seeds have altered genetics to ensure all crops develop into flower-bearing females.

Feminized seeds vs. autoflowering

Feminized seeds have become one of the most popular versions of marijuana due to their high yields and easy growth requirements. Similar to autoflower seeds, this cannabis variety won’t produce male crops, removing the issue of cross-pollination from your garden.

The main difference between these two is the light requirements. Feminized plants rely on the sun to determine when they should start producing buds. Autoflowering crops start creating nugs even if you leave them in the dark.

You need to wait up to seven months before you can harvest your feminized plants, providing you with heavy yields. You can collect the buds from your autoflower seeds in half the time, netting a smaller percentage of cannabis.

How are autoflower seeds made?

As we’ve mentioned, the key ingredient in the creation of autoflower seeds is the addition of ruderalis genetics.

Ruderalis plants are a native landrace strain from parts of Eastern Europe and Russia. This type of cannabis doesn’t grow tall and produces buds with low THC and CBD percentages. Due to limited amounts of sunlight, these plants have found alternative ways to survive.

After discovering these cannabis crops, breeders combined the genes of ruderalis plants with selected feminized strains. After stabilizing these genetics, autoflower seeds came into existence and became available at dispensaries and online stores.

How to germinate autoflower cannabis seeds

The first step to healthy, vibrant marijuana crops involves germinating your autoflower seeds. There are various ways to achieve this gardening goal, with each technique promising different levels of convenience and safety.

Many beginners opt for the simplest option, which involves planting autoflower seeds directly in soil. Experts label this germination technique as the safest way to sprout your marijuana seeds as it follows the natural process.

The biggest disadvantage to this method is that it wastes valuable time. Your cannabis seeds will only start displaying healthy roots after ten days, leading experienced cultivators to look for faster results.

Enter the tumbler technique. This germinating process requires you to leave your autoflower seeds inside a container of water in a dark cupboard. Your marijuana seeds will develop taproots within 24 hours, allowing you to get a headstart on your cannabis crops.

It’s best that novice growers avoid using this germinating technique as they can potentially damage their cannabis seeds. You can expose your autoflower marijuana seeds to temperature shock, causing your plants to become weak and susceptible to pathogens.

First-time cultivators can utilize the paper towel method to sprout their marijuana seeds without a hitch. It’s described as the best way to germinate autoflower seeds because it’s safe and promises results within five to seven days.

You won’t have to purchase any fancy tools to complete this easy germinating technique. All you’ll need are a few common items you can find around the house. These are:

  • Tweezers
  • A ceramic plate
  • Purified water
  • A roll of paper towels

Once you’ve bought some autoflower seeds and have the above tools, follow these instructions:

  1. Pour water over two sheets of paper towel, completely soaking them.
  2. Gently squeeze out the majority of the liquid in each piece but leave them moist.
  3. Place one wet sheet flat on your ceramic plate.
  4. Use clean tweezers to put the autoflower cannabis seeds carefully onto the paper towel. Avoid using your fingers as the oil on them delays the process.
  5. Take the other wet sheet and place it over your marijuana seeds.
  6. Place the ceramic plate in a cupboard and check on it every day to ensure the sheets don’t dry out.
  7. You’ll see the autoflower seeds grow taproots within five days. You can then move them to pots and begin growing the exciting cannabis strain you’ve selected.

How to grow autoflower seeds

Cultivating autoflower seeds without a sufficient amount of prior experience can get very tricky. These cannabis plants won’t recover if you make a mistake or use the wrong growing methods. You essentially have to maintain the perfect conditions from start to finish.

Before you start raising autoflower seeds in the USA, you need to confirm if growing recreational marijuana is legal. This step is essential as it prevents you from having any issues.

Next, you need to choose where you plan on cultivating your favorite cannabis cultivars. Indoor grow rooms allow you to raise marijuana throughout the year but require tools to manage the perfect environment.

In comparison, outdoor setups only let you raise autoflower seeds in the warmer months. The upside is that it promises bigger yields. You get more bud due to the natural percentage of CO2 in the air, keeping crops healthy and strong.

Another important factor to take into account is the temperature and level of moisture in the air. Autoflower marijuana seeds require warm conditions, averaging between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. You also need to keep the humidity under 50%.

Due to the short vegging times of autoflower seeds, it’s vital that you limit your use of fertilizers. Too many minerals can cause further health issues and potentially damage the roots of your plants.

It’s possible to give your crops too much water. The smaller root systems of these plants require much less liquid. To avoid overfeeding, wait till the soil dries out before watering your crops again.

When it comes to picking a good medium to grow autoflower seeds, we recommend choosing an organic blend of soil and coco coir. Keep this mixture’s pH percentage between 6–7 to ensure the drainage and aeration are perfect.

The volume of your container plays an important role in determining potential yields. The larger the pot, the more space roots have to grow and support bigger plants.

The best way to select a container is to take into account the strain’s flowering you’ve bought. Autoflower marijuana seeds that take more than twelve weeks require a 3-gallon pot. A container half the size is perfect for anything with a faster flowering time.

Don’t use training techniques that put a high amount of stress on your plants when limiting the height of your crops. Autoflower seeds won’t recover from the trauma, leading to poor-quality marijuana.

Even though these cannabis crops don’t rely on light to start flowering, you can manipulate them to boost productivity. Expert cultivators believe eighteen hours of sunshine, followed by six hours of darkness, is beneficial for autoflower marijuana seeds.

Whichever marijuana strain you decide to purchase, remember to prune the leaves of your plants regularly. This technique improves the ventilation around your crops, which eliminates the potential for mold.

6 best autoflower seeds

It’s difficult to point out the best autoflower seeds as each strain provides something new in terms of its flavor and effects. To aid you in your search, we’ve identified six cultivars to whet your appetite.

To make things even easier, you’ll find these marijuana strains separated into three sections so you can find the best option for your lifestyle.

High yield autoflower seeds in the USA

The first category on our list describes two incredible autoflower cannabis seeds you can buy online that promise spectacular yields.

Purple Punch autoflower seeds

Enter pure relaxation with the taste of sweet apples in your mouth after growing the buds from Purple Punch autoflower seeds. This 16–18% THC indica-heavy strain flowers within 7 to 8 weeks, creating up to 14 oz./plant outdoors.

Amnesia autoflower seeds

Are you looking for a way to start your mornings with a bang? Check out Amnesia autoflower seeds and grow buds with 10–19% THC. This sativa-leaning cultivar begins flowering after 6 to 7 weeks and produces indoor yields of 19–21 oz./m².

High THC autoflower seeds

Are you looking for cannabis cultivars with the strength to send your mind and body into another dimension? Check out these two popular autoflower seeds.

Chocolate Thai autoflower seeds

Kick-start your mornings with the 21–25% THC buds from Chocolate Thai autoflower seeds. These sweet, tropical-tasting nugs take you on a mind-altering trip that leaves you feeling motivated and calm.

Acapulco Gold autoflower seeds

Leave your troubles at the door with Acapulco Gold autoflower seeds and their ability to make buds with 20–23% THC. As the spicy smoke makes its way into your lungs, your body enters a relaxed state, removing any tension and pain.

High CBD autoflower seeds

Medical patients looking for autoflower seeds promising large quantities of CBD can raise these two marijuana strains.

CBD Kush autoflower seeds

Enter a world of healing with CBD Kush autoflower seeds and their 16% CBD content. You don’t need to worry about any psychoactive effects as this cultivar holds around 0.6% THC. Enjoy the calming and therapeutic benefits of this lemon-flavored cannabis undisturbed.

CBD Cheese autoflower seeds

Anyone looking for a daytime option that offers a mellow high will adore CBD Cheese autoflower seeds. These sativa-heavy buds contain 3–5% THC and 12–15% CBD, uplifting your spirits while keeping you cool, calm, and collected.

Where to buy autoflower seeds

There are a number of ways to get your hands on autoflower seeds in the USA. The first place you can start searching for exciting cannabis strains is at land-based marijuana dispensaries.

Local establishments don’t usually have a large selection of cannabis strains on offer. However, you can meet other like-minded people and discuss ways to grow your autoflower seeds at home.

If it’s quality you’re after, you can buy autoflower seeds from medical marijuana stores in your state. Recreational users require a recommendation from an authorized doctor before they can purchase any cannabis-related products from these stores.

Alternatively, you can use reputable online seed banks, such as Homegrown Cannabis Co, and shop from the convenience of your home. Trusted virtual stores offer a plethora of exciting marijuana strains at the best prices.

Once you’ve found autoflower seeds that pique your interest, select one of the many payment methods and place your order. You can also request discreet delivery, allowing you to keep your hobbies private.

Marijuana in a flash

If you believe you have what it takes to raise autoflower seeds, head over to a respected online store and order yours today. Although these cannabis seeds are difficult to master, their rewards are worth the effort.

Pick a growing environment and begin germinating autoflower seeds using one of the three techniques available. Within a few weeks, you can harvest your potent crops and enjoy the delicious fruits of your labor.