Are massage chairs good for the elderly?

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Are massage chairs good for the elderly?


If you are a senior or care for one, you are aware of how much the elderly enjoy a good massage. After a hard day, everyone will appreciate a massage. However, most of us are unable to visit a spa on a regular basis. You may consider investing in a massage chair or a Shiatsu massage chair cushion in such a case, especially if you have a few hundred dollars to spare.

But, before you go out and get one, have you considered whether or not a massage chair is appropriate for the elderly? In this post, we’ll look into these and other commonly asked concerns concerning massage chairs.

Is a Massage Chair Good for the Elderly?

A massage chair may undoubtedly help you relax and feel better. However, I do not believe it is required. Massage chairs are useful for relieving aches and pains or simply relaxing at the end of the day.

As previously said, the cost of a massage chair can be a big aspect, especially because some of them come with a plethora of functions. Despite the huge range of options and features, conserving that money and utilizing it to see a therapist like a physiotherapist, chiropractor, or massage therapist may be a better alternative.

One advantage of seeing a therapist is that you may have them work on particular areas that the massage chair might not be able to help with. You may also use the therapist’s expertise to help you select which treatment option is best for you. Furthermore, you may be sent home with a home workout regimen that is personalized directly to you and might assist with any aches and pains you may be experiencing.

Working with a therapist also gives you access to their depth of expertise, which may help you answer any questions you may have. However, depending on the ailment, a massage chair can be used in conjunction with a therapist’s therapy.

It’s also worth noting that before purchasing a massage chair, I recommend consulting with your family physician. Massage chairs should not be used by those who have blood issues like clotting. People with cardiac issues, low blood pressure, or even epilepsy should proceed with caution as well.

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How Often Should You Use a Massage Chair?

It’s critical to understand how to use a massage chair properly in order to get the most out of it while also avoiding harm. Because every massage chair is different, the person who uses it should learn how to utilize the remote or controls that are special to the chair they own. The instruction manual that came with your massage chair should provide this information.

Massage chairs may be used for as little or as long as you like, but it has been shown that ten to twenty minutes, two to four times a day is the most effective for the elderly. It’s also ideal to have a variety of settings rather than repeating the same massage routine. Kneading, rolling, tapping, vibrations, or any other combination of settings can be used.

The elderly should use light pressure from these activities since their weaker muscles are more readily harmed. Seniors should exercise two to four times per week rather than every day to avoid overworking their muscles and joints, which can lead to injury. According to Ayako Inada, please speak with a doctor or therapist before beginning to utilize a massage chair.

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Massage Chairs: Can They Be Harmful in Some Situations?

Massage chairs have the potential to cause more damage than benefit at times. If you’re concerned that utilizing a massage chair may be hazardous, utilize shorter, milder cycles.

If the user needs to stop quickly, they should be aware of where the controls are and how to utilize them effectively. Simple vibrations and moderate pressures are also safer than roller motions, which can be painful for some. Before utilizing a massage chair, always consult with a doctor or therapist.

Patients with high blood pressure or heart problems should exercise caution when utilizing a massage chair. Patients with high blood pressure should also be cautious since they may have blood clots that are inadvertently present and can be dislodged by massage, allowing blood to travel to hazardous places such as the heart or brain.

Chemotherapy and radiation treatments can weaken the bones and lead them to be harmed by too much pressure, therefore people with cancer should be particularly cautious. Patients with osteoporosis should also be cautious since their bones are weaker and more fragile.

Furthermore, avoid using a massage chair on any damaged skin, such as burns or scratches.


Massage chairs can be a good investment for the elderly. They can help keep your body relaxed and flexible. Please do thorough research and consult your doctor before buying a massage chair. And once you do, get to know the machine well so that you can get the most out of it.If you are a caregiver, you will know how a lightweight transport wheelchair can make your life easy.