Altius MCAT vs Blueprint MCAT – Pros and Cons

Charlotte Miller

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Altius MCAT vs Blueprint MCAT - Pros and Cons


Choosing between Blueprint and Altius MCAT review courses can be difficult, especially given their expensive prices and the importance of your MCAT score to your med school applications. In a nutshell, you must make the best selection possible. We discuss our opinions on each course, as well as which sorts of learners might benefit from the various features and teaching approaches, in this comprehensive comparison guide.

Review of the Core Curriculum and Content


Despite the fact that it was a tough choice, our team chose Blueprint in the end. While both organizations provide comprehensive sets of coursework that cover every aspect of content evaluation, Blueprint’s course format takes the lead. Their course is divided into integrated and highly simplified learning modules, each of which includes a brief video lecture, quiz, prescribed reading, and evaluation. This method allows you to look at specific subtopics from several angles and obtain a thorough understanding before moving on to the next.

MCAT Practice Questions & Tests


Altius’ basic skills do not include video courses. Practice tests, on the other hand, aren’t. Altius’ MCAT practice exams, in my view, are among the finest available. They analyzed official MCAT problems by word count, difficulty, length, and other factors, then reverse engineered some outstanding practice questions using that information.

They’re quite lifelike and nearly resemble the actual thing. To be clear, the Blueprint MCAT practice exams are also excellent. The Next Step group (bought by Blueprint in 2020) created their mock examinations, and that was one of their specializations, so you know they’re good. But it’s going to be difficult to beat Altius here.

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Live classes


Altius offers anything from 60 to 200 hours of instruction time, capped in classrooms of only 6-8 persons, depending on your course selection. We enjoyed these live seminars and found them to be really beneficial. Our session was taught by two former Altius students who already had MCAT scores in the 95th and 97th percentiles and who understood their subject – and how to express it.

Blueprint’s classes, on the other hand, were excellent. They, too, have two professors per class who work well together and effectively communicate Blueprint’s top-tier curriculum.

User Interface & User Experience


Despite the fact that Altius’ internet platform and digital assets are more than adequate, this is not their strong suit. The human component of MCAT prep is highlighted with small group live class sessions, 1-on-1 mentorship, and live review sessions.

Blueprint, on the other hand, emphasizes the importance of user experience in their courses. Their digital platform is modern, responsive, and just great. This is a no-brainer: Blueprint is the 


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Content Access Period


Blueprint only gives you six months of access to their online materials and prep program, whereas Altius gives you a year. Most students should be able to study for 6 months, but if you want to study for longer, keep this in mind.

Video Lessons


Without a doubt, the best video courses by Blueprint is very helpful for your MCAT preparation. Animated representations of chemical processes and physical systems, attractive imagery, and smart instructor delivery abound in their films. Furthermore, the information is relevant. The video lectures are divided into 160 or so bite-sized learning modules, making them easily consumable and, in my opinion, improving subject retention.

Blueprint is your best pick if you’re a true visual learner (not just over Altius, but maybe across all MCAT prep companies). This isn’t to say the Altius video lectures aren’t good – far from it. It’s just not one of their strong suits.

Prep Books


Without a doubt, Blueprint’s prep books are superior. This is due in great part to the thoroughness of their written contents. Blueprint offers six hardcopy MCAT prep books that cover Psychology & Sociology, Physics, Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry & Organic Chemistry, and CARS, among other disciplines. These books are chock-full of eye-catching images and callout boxes for essential points, plus they’re just plain well-written. In comparison, Altius only has one “student study handbook.”

To be fair, the Altius study guide is a bible-like volume that has everything in one spot. However, it does not provide the same level of value as Blueprint’s books.

Final Verdict

In this comparison, our staff gives the nod to Blueprint, despite the fact that it was a tight choice on many fronts. Blueprint is simply too strong of a course, even if we adore Altius’ small group live sessions, weekly devoted 1:1 time with a mentor, and realistic practice assessments. Their superb video lectures, innovative coursework structure, in-depth prep materials, and powerful live online classes easily outperform the competition. It’s possible that the outcome might be different if there was a greater pricing differential or if Altius’ on demand video courses were a little better. However, we believe that Blueprint is the superior overall course, particularly for visual learners.