A Guide To Share Market Apps

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A Guide To Share Market Apps

The share market is a potential entity to make desirable investments. In recent years, many individuals have come to realise this fact. That is why, we are witnessing such a huge spike in the graph of people participating in stock markets. Adding to this zeal and momentum is a share market app. Many firms are now providing online apps allowing users to trade from anywhere and anytime. The online trading apps even increased the convenience of trading options. In this article, we shall discuss everything about share market apps. Let’s begin by taking a closer look at them.

What are Share Market Apps?

A share market app is a software program that allows investors to trade securities in the share market. Also known as stock market apps, they facilitate users to participate in all kinds of dealings related to the share market. A stock market app is usually tailor-made to provide seamless trading facilities on a mobile. However, some apps are available for desktop computers and laptops too. Users need an active internet connection to use a share market app. The main purpose of Stock market apps is to trade securities and market research. One can view the complete list of companies registered on various stock exchanges. Live prices and performance of corresponding securities like stocks are also available.

Using a share market app is a very good way to invest in the share market. All you need to do is to download an app and open demat and trading accounts. Share market apps allow you to trade from the comfort of your home. Moreover, you can carry your trading anywhere you go. 

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How share market apps work?

A share market app works very much like any other online marketplace. You can view, buy and sell stocks. Apps also allow you to save assets for future trades. To use stock market apps, you must register and open investment accounts. You must provide some basic details along with supportive documents. After opening a demat and trading account, users should link their bank accounts. All financial transactions shall take place from this connected account. You can transfer funds to your trading account and start purchasing assets upon linking. The best thing about such apps is that they automatically reflect profits, losses, account balance, etc. Moreover, you can invest quite comfortably in different markets and segments simultaneously.

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Salient traits of share market apps

Let’s now have a glance at the fundamental features of share market apps. Following are the most notable ones. 

Detailed index view: A share market app offers a comprehensive overview of all the indices of stock markets. Indices are crucial indicators of a market’s health. Investors often refer to the performance of indices to guide their decisions. On a stock trading app, you get detailed reports of securities comprising all the major indices. All essential information, such as price action, opening and closing price, performance against other benchmark indices, etc, are present.

  • Widgets: A share market app contains several widgets for different uses. You can get widget shortcuts to monitor shares, view stocks based on sectors, etc. Widgets make it easy to find and track assets live.
  • Notifications and alerts: Your stock market app will also bring regular updates regarding share markets. You will receive constant notifications on the app for all important events. In addition, updates regarding market conditions and your investments reach you even when you are not using the app. 
  • Access to market data and analytics: Statistics don’t lie”, as they usually say. We require huge volumes of data to trade properly in share markets. Additionally, this information must be authentic and accessible in real time. Stock market apps are excellent in this regard. They pack in live data and analysis of securities and market performance. In-depth assessment reports of all the assets, based on major parameters, make it easy to make your decisions.
  • Trading tools and indicators: A share market app bundles numerous trading tools. These tools assist in investing in different financial instruments. Such tools are particularly useful when dealing with complex market segments like trading options and futures. In addition, these apps contain various indicators like moving averages, sushi rolls, etc. So, with a stock market app, you can conveniently invest in various types of assets.


A share market app allows us to invest in share markets across the globe from our smartphones. Today, several reputed organisations like Kotak Securities are offering stock trading apps. Such apps come with several features that aid in investing. For instance, the Kotak Stock Trader app provides live feeds from top business news channels to keep you updated. Other key highlights include trading tools, indicators, real-time notifications, and market analysis reports. All these features ensure we can trade conveniently at our fingertips.