A Complete Guide to Axe Throwing

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A Complete Guide to Axe Throwing

Axe throwing is becoming an overwhelmingly popular game across the world. The younger demographic across the globe wants to identify with these new bar games and sports. For instance, san antonio axe throwing is so promising and is poised to continue growing and become even more popular based on the huge number of venues all over the state dedicated to axe throwing. Here are some of the basics regarding axe throwing games. Continue reading to learn the rules, tricks, and tips, and most importantly, how to hold and throw an axe.

Safety measures before you start

Axe throwing allows the competitor to throw an axe at a target. However, regarding the risk associated with the axe-throwing game, a lot of security measures need to be implemented to ensure safety. Always adhere to the following safety measures before starting the game:

  • Avoid throwing an axe while someone is on target. That means that before you make a throw, ensure the area around you and the target is as clear as possible.
  • Make sure your axe is well Sharpening as this will help it stick to the target with much ease. As a result, it may reduce potential danger to those around you.  
  • Do not touch the blade directly with your fingers after you sharpen your axe to avoid stitches. 
  • When it comes to holding the axe, it is important to establish a firm grip and keep the head as straight and perpendicular to the target as possible.

Methods of throwing

There are two main ways to throw an axe, both of which are equally popular and easy to learn. The power you use will depend on the wood being used in the target. You may require more power in a situation where the target is not soft enough. These two ways include one-handed and two-handed methods. So, depending on the target surface, you can try to switch to the two-hand method to generate more power from one hand if you find that this is causing your axes to drop on the floor consistently. However, for both methods, you do not want to incorporate any wrist motion when releasing the axe. Let the axe’s momentum carry it forward once you release it.

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The trick on how to throw the axe like a pro

Before playing axe-throwing games, it is vital to learn some incredible axe-throwing techniques that will elevate your gameplay. Here is a step-by-step guide to throwing games.

  • Find Your Spot – This is the most vital step. The goal of finding the right step is to force your axe into making one revolution before hitting the bull’s eye.
  • Hold the axe at the base – Before throwing the axe, be sure to grip it like a baseball bat to allow for the proper rotation. 
  • Learn to keep the axe straight – Avoid flicking the wrist when releasing the axe. Keeping the axe straight back behind your head and throwing it straight forward will ensure you let it go, let it go smoothly. So, make sure you release it when your arm is extended and parallel to the ground. 


The axe-throwing game has become more and more popular in recent years and everyone wants to give it a try. Many people have realized the sport is incredibly enjoyable. If you are interested in the game, this article will give you the necessary tools to succeed. Whether you want to join san antonio axe throwing or want to take up axe throwing at home, the game is a worthwhile investment.