9 Items You Never Thought of Vacuum Sealing!

Charlotte Miller

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If you’ve never done any vacuum sealing, you’re missing out on a fundamental chore that’s a lot more fun than it sounds. Vacuum sealing can save you a considerable amount of money on preventing food spoilage. 

Part of the fun involved in vacuum sealing is having a quality vacuum sealer to do the job! Whether you’ve been vacuum sealing for years or your brand new at it, our list of uses is bound to give you a few new ideas to store household items. 

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What is Vacuum Sealing? 

Vacuum sealing refers to the process of sealing a bag or container using a vacuum. This process is done using a machine known as a vacuum sealer. The sealer extracts all the air from the bag or container. This is primarily done to preserve food for longer periods. Removing the air from the bag or container eliminates bacteria build up in the food. 

However, vacuum sealing isn’t restricted to food items. Many items outside the kitchen are being vacuum-sealed. Everything from medicine to printer cartridges. Ever heard of the term “vacuum-packed”? Well, now you know why. 

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A Few Strange Items to Vacuum Seal

If you’ve never used your vacuum sealer outside the kitchen, it might seem strange to you to hear there are hundreds of other uses for this handy little gadget. By the time you’ve read through our list, you’ll have the urge to run through your home and vacuum-seal everything!

Household Storage Ideas

People store a variety of household items in vacuum-sealed bags; for two simple reasons. Firstly, you can conserve space since items can be stored more easily if they ‘re completely flat thanks to the air taken out. Secondly, vacuum sealing items safeguards them against getting tarnished or damaged by moisture.

Let’s have a look at the not so obvious items you can vacuum seal.

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Linens and Blankets

Placing a blanket in a vacuum-sealed bag will instantly flatten the banket. This will make it easier to stack blankets in your linen cupboard without the risk of them all tumbling out when you open the door!

Finer linens can also be vacuum-sealed to protect from moisture and dust. Remember to vacuum the whole set to keep your linens organised and together. That’s how you avoid having to search for matching pillowcases when you open the linen!


Most ladies have jewellery they cherish but don’t wear all the time. Your grandmother’s pearls for instance. Or the ruby brooch that’s been in the family for decades. A simple way to keep these precious keepsakes from getting tarnished or damaged is to wrap them in a soft protective cloth and then vacuum-seal them.

Important Documents

Storing your important documents with a vacuum-seal is a much better alternative than using laminate. While laminate is permanent and might affect the quality of future copies, the vacuum-seal can easily be removed, keeping your document in the same form and condition you sealed it. 

Sealing birth certificates, wills, title deeds and other valuable documents make them waterproof and keep them from tearing. This is a brilliant idea for comic collectors or book lovers who have invested money in first editions.

DIY Reusable Gel Ice Packs

A good addition to your first aid kit is a reusable gel ice pack. Simply mix 3 parts water with 1 part rubbing alcohol. Place this in a vacuum-seal bag and use the seal function to permanently close the bag. Freeze, use and refreeze as you need it. You can easily make smaller packs for children or larger ones for adults. 

Seasonal Décor

Instead of tossing your Halloween or Christmas decorations in a box and spending hours untangling everything when you need it again, consider vacuum sealing them! Sort the decorations into categories and seal them. You can then easily place them in the appropriate storage boxes. 

Long Distance Parcels

If you’re regularly sending parcels to loved ones who live overseas, you’ll know it takes weeks to arrive. If you’re sceptical of whether your contents will arrive securely, vacuum-seal the items. This not only keeps the moisture out but also keeps the contents fresh. 

Home Repair Supplies

Have you ever spent hours searching for the items you need to repair something around the house only to find it in the last place you’d have thought to look? Well, you can easily avoid that by vacuum sealing these items before storing them for later use. Vacuum-sealing similar items together will make it easy to find them when needed. 

Fishing Bait and Lures

Since you might not go fishing as often as you’d like, it’s possible for your rubber lures to dry out or crack. A good way to prevent this is to vacuum-seal your bait, lures and other fishing items to keep them in perfect condition for the next fishing trip!

Final Thought

There are hundreds of different things you can do with your vacuum sealer. Virtually anything you want to keep fresh or safe from external factors can be sealed for longevity. It’s the perfect way to keep items safely stored and together. Invest in a vacuum sealer and change the way you store your excess or valued items! You’ll wish you did it sooner.