6 Ways to Ensure Your Public Event is Problem Free

Charlotte Miller

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If you’re trying to plan a public event, you’re probably already stressing out a little. There’s not only pressure on you to make it the best event possible but to also make sure nothing goes wrong. This requires a lot of work but making your event exceptional in all aspects, is possible. 

You can even manage risk by using resources such as event public liability insurance and having backup plans in place. And rather not be in denial about the risks that come with event management. You may think you have everything under control, but you should take a look at this article for 5 ways to ensure your public event is problem free. 

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Obtain Event Insurance

For most gatherings, event insurance is something you should look into when planning a public event in almost any type of venue. This is to ensure that if anything were to happen causing harm or damage, you and your business would be covered. What a relief, right? 

It’s stressful enough trying to make sure you have everything in order for the event but if something were to go wrong, what would you do? Would you want to pay out of your pocket for something that could’ve been covered? Of course not. Event insurance can give you the cover you need to make sure you enjoy the planning and party, knowing your business is protected in the long run. 

Organise Enough Public Toilets

It’s probably strange to think about toilets when you’re planning luxury and fun. But making sure that there are enough public toilets for the number of guests you’re planning on having at the event is so vital. It would be detrimental to your reputation having a line of people waiting to use the restrooms because you didn’t make sure that there were enough for a constant flow of people. 

If there aren’t enough toilets but you’re set on the venue, discuss toilet hire. This way you can get the venue and have enough toilets for all your guests to use. 

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Make Sure There’s Wi-Fi

Technical aspects are also important as a lot of people like being active on social media throughout the day or night. So, having access to Wi-Fi could really make your party that much more relevant to the people that attend. It can also get your company’s name out there, leading to more business for you. That’s the power of tweets and hashtags! 

Get the Best Food, Caterers and Staff 

People love food, so this should always be an important aspect of any event. 

When it comes to providing snacks or food, it could be easier to use who the venue offers in their package but it would still be a good idea to look into other options as they may be cheaper. You’ll never know if you’re getting charged the right price if you don’t compare. 

Also determine who will serve the food. You want caterers and staff to be friendly, so they add to the positive atmosphere. Don’t let any team member spoil the event for your attendees because your reputation depends on it. 

Don’t Overspend

Of course, there is always a budget to keep in mind. For starters, make sure that you’re not spending unnecessary money on things you don’t need for the event. It can be easy to spend more than needed when the excitement of planning takes over. 

Write a list of everything you need to purchase or hire for the party. Make sure it’s what’s NEEDED, not WANTED. Only once those items are covered, spend additional available funds on other things that could be an added bonus to your party. 

Ask for Help

It may not cross your mind when you’re in the thick of things or you could just be a little too prideful but it’s vital to ask for help when you need it. If you’re struggling to get things done on your own, rather ask for assistance than not having everything ready on the day. 

For example, you may find that outsourcing some tasks can cost a little more, but it frees up time to complete other activities at a lower budget. And if there’s an aspect like marketing or technical equipment that you don’t carry much knowledge of, rather get in the experts. Failing at one of these important tasks could ruin an entire event. 

Final Thoughts

Hosting any type of event can be stressful and if it’s a bigger event than you’ve ever planned before it can be overwhelming and you can make mistakes. It’s natural to feel worried but don’t let that stop you from hosting and planning the best party ever! With the few things mentioned above you’ll be able to take on any party and make it into something amazing, without too many problems along the way.