6 Reasons to Buy Recurring Billing Software

Charlotte Miller

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If you’re looking to establish a reliable stream of income for your business, you should set up a recurring billing situation. This is a situation in which customers pay for a continuous service by providing their credit card information and allowing the business to keep it on file.

Then, every month (or 6 months or otherwise), the business charges an agreed-upon amount to the credit card, thereby ensuring that the customer continuously receives the requisite service.

To facilitate this process, companies make use of recurring billing software. This software offers a variety of benefits, allowing companies like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu to serve their customers on a consistent basis. 

Wondering what exactly this software has to offer? Then read on. Here are 6 reasons to buy recurring billing software for your business. 

  1. It Saves Time

First and foremost, recurring billing software saves time. This is because it handles many of the responsibilities that you would otherwise have to handle on your own. 

For instance, recurring billing software saves a customer’s billing information. As such, you never even have to think about it. The software thinks about it for you and takes action when necessary. 

Let’s say a customer’s payment information is no longer viable. The software will send that customer a notice, and will even levy late fees if desired. 

In short, recurring billing software automates the recurring billing process. It hands most of the mundane tasks over to the computer, allowing you and your employees to focus on more pressing matters. 

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  1. It Saves Money

Not only does recurring billing software save time but money as well. It does this, again, as a result of automation. It’s able to complete many tasks without the help of humans, thereby reducing the number of humans that you need to pay. 

However, it saves money in other ways as well. Because recurring billing software occurs in a digital setting, it nixes the need for physical invoices or postage, or paper. Everything that needs to be sent out can be sent out via email, thereby eliminating a good many of the costs that add up throughout the billing process. 

  1. It Facilitates a Consistent Cash Flow

For a business to thrive, it must have a consistent revenue stream. Few revenue streams are as consistent as those facilitated by recurring billing and its adjoining software. 

Having this software is essentially a guarantee that you’ll receive what your customers owe you. This is because it charges to customers’ credit cards at the same time every month, bringing in the same revenue monthly. 

The only thing that will prevent you from getting paid is an invalid card. Note, though, that in cases of invalid cards, the software alerts the customer and immediately asks for a different payment option. So, even though you might not get that payment when planned, you will get it soon. 

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  1. It Caters to All Sorts of Businesses

Every business is different, and yet just about every type of business can benefit from recurring billing software. See, this software is extremely malleable and can be used to facilitate recurring billing for companies of all kinds. 

Let’s say you offer a trash takeaway service. You can use recurring billing software to collect your customers’ payments every month. Just set a due date and wait for the money to roll in. 

Maybe you run an HVAC company and offer maintenance agreements? You can use your recurring billing software to collect payments whenever desired. Whether that’s once yearly, twice yearly, every month, or otherwise, it doesn’t matter. 

  1. It’s Secure

When it comes to making digital transactions, security is of utmost importance. Having your customers’ financial information compromised would undoubtedly cause those customers to lose trust in you. You have to get it right the first time. 

Recurring billing software ensures that this is the reality. This software is built with everything from authorization tokens to encryption and more. It passes all of the modern security standards and leaves no doubt as to whether transactions are going through undisturbed. 

Don’t leave your customers’ financial information to chance. Make sure it’s being handled with reliable and trustworthy recurring billing software. 

  1. It Works

Simply put, recurring billing software works. Sure, you could hire your own programmers as a means of building your own billing app, but it would be a massive endeavor, and, in the end, it could have seismic deficiencies. 

By purchasing a ready-made billing app, you know what you’re getting. It’s been tested not only by the company that built it but by a variety of other companies that have used it as well. 

Receiving payments, keeping customer accounts organized, chasing down new credit card information, and the like isn’t easy. You want to make sure that the software you’re using for it is getting the job done. Find a reputable recurring billing software with good reviews, and you’re almost sure to have a positive experience with it. 

Recurring Billing Software Is a Near-necessity

Sure, it’s possible to facilitate a recurring billing system without the use of recurring billing software, but it’s not easy. This software not only helps to keep everything organized, but it also does a great deal of the work for you.

In other words, it simplifies things substantially. So, use it to your advantage, and watch the success of your recurring billing program skyrocket. 

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