5 Most Beautiful Destinations for Christmas and New Year 2022

Charlotte Miller

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The biggest holidays of the year are just around the corner – where are you planning to spend your Christmas and New Year’s Eve?

If you haven’t thought about it yet, or are asking yourself what would be the best vacation options for New Year and Christmas that has it all – picturesque views, holiday spirit and, most importantly, easy travel arrangements like private jet charter – we’ve got you covered and guarantee to check the three boxes with the list of 5 most beautiful luxury destinations for your 2022 Christmas and New Year’s Eve!

Romance meets authentic chalets at Gstaad, Switzerland

What could be more romantic than spending Christmas and New Year’s Eve surrounded by breath-catching snow-capped mountains with your significant other? If you’re looking for a perfect winter getaway, then the small village of Gstaad, located in the Bernese Alps, should be on your holiday destination.

While it might be a small village, Gstaad is, undeniably, a location of luxury. Surrounded by exquisite Alpine scenery – one of the best in the world, in fact – are the restored weathered-wood chalets that complete the magical Winter Wonderland atmosphere of the village. The wooden structures house a number of well-known high-end brands like Louis Vuitton, Prada and more, completing the luxurious holiday experience.

Wintertime is also the perfect opportunity to pair your Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations destination with a bit of active pastime and try out the magnificent ski slopes. The ski area is served by around 60 ski lifts that offer a wide range of skiing slopes for your preferred difficulty. If skiing is not your cup of hot cocoa, you can also try out hiking, snowshoe walking, ice skating, curling, tobboganing or a lighter cross-country skiing.

Gstaad could also be considered one of the best private jet holiday destinations – if you want to fully complete the luxury aspect of the holiday travel. Since the village is rather difficult to reach, private jet charters are most likely your best bet to reach Gstaad in the most comfortable and time-saving way – better to spend all that driving time to Gstaad on the slopes!

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Enchanted Christmas at Montbéliard, France

If you’re looking to immerse yourself into a cozy Christmas spirit, then the city of Montbéliard has to be on your list this year! The city is known for the stunning light installations it puts up for the holiday season, and the Montbéliard Christmas Market attracts nearly half a million visitors each year. 

With more than 170 vendors present, the Christmas Market offers opportunities to buy a variety of handmade and hand-crafted gifts like jewellery, glass work or traditional fabrics and try tasty Christmas foods while shopping. Or taste French artisan goods such as honey, wine or cheese to excite your tastebuds. For those with a sweet tooth, gourmet alleys are set up as well and offer wonderfully delicious sweets. 

When it comes to reaching Montbéliard, most commercial flights take one or two stops along the route and the flights themselves can take up to 3,5 hours – add that to the yearly holiday season travel airport business, and the idea of getting stuck at an airport starts to sound less fun. With a private jet charter, however, you can avoid that and more, and start enjoying the Christmas spirit from the moment you set your foot on the jet!

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Winter fairytale landscapes at Hallstätt, Austria

Sitting on the shores of Lake Hallstätt, the quaint traditional 12th-century village in Upper Austria is a picture straight from a fairy-tale. Included in UNSECO’s World Heritage list, Hallstätt is breath-taking all year round, but the unforgettable beauty of the village truly shows in wintertime. 

Snow-clad wooden houses, one-of-a-kind Austrian architecture, looming snowy mountains and a crystal-clear lake is a mesmerising to behold – and spend your Christmas or New Year’s Eve holiday. In 2018, the tiny town saw a million visitors, which is a staggering 347 times more tourists per capita than one of the world’s most visited cities – Hong Kong. 

With temperatures dropping well below zero, curling up with hot chocolate in one hand and apple strudel in another as you watch the snow fall is one way to enjoy your winter holidays. Or you could explore the outdoors. Going for a hike on Lake Hallstätt is a must. You will be able to take in the snow-covered peaks and breathe in the crisp winter air. If you are looking for something a bit more unique though, you should try our snowshoeing. 

When planning your Christmas and New Year travel to this part of Austria, comfortable transportation shouldn’t be forgotten. Reaching Hallstätt could become a bit complicated, especially if you’re the one looking for quick and simple travelling. Flying commercial, while a preferred way for many, adds the risk of delays or cancellations – not to mention the long airport queues during the busy holiday season. Private jet charter, on the other hand, takes it out of the question, leaving your transportation woes behind.

True spirit of Christmas at Rovaniemi, Finland

If cold doesn’t bother you anyway, and only adds to the festive spirit of Christmas and New Year, then Rovaniemi is definitely the ’it’ place to celebrate the holidays. Situated 6 kilometres south of the Arctic Circle, the postcard-worthy landscapes covered in sparkling white, and peeking green of spruce and fir trees truly make the place magical. 

The city is home to a wide array of activities that are perfect for a snowy retreat.  Husky tours, reindeer rides, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, Finnish sauna experiences are only the tip of the iceberg of the activities available for visitors. 

On top of that, Rovaniemi offers some unique accommodation options that allow you to fully immerse yourself in experiencing the Arctic Circle. Glass igloos and apartments, hotels built of ice and snow, and tree house hotels are just some of the one-of-a-kind options for your stay.

Your winter holiday retreat couldn’t get any more festive than spending it at the birthplace of Santa Claus himself – as many believe. One of the most-visited places in Rovaniemi is the Santa Claus Village – with more than half a million visitors each year, Santa Claus Main Post Office is one of the most popular attractions in the Village. It is a real post office operated by Finnish postal services and every letter sent from there gets a special Arctic Circle postmark, which is not available anywhere else.

Sun, palm trees and Christmas at Costa del Sol, Spain

Luxurious winter holidays don’t necessarily have to be experienced in sub-zero temperatures. Balmy weather, sea breeze and golden beaches can bring as much joy and festive spirit as a snowy Winter Wonderland. Costa del Sol located in the Andalucian region of southern Spain embodies the best of Southern Europe with the Christmas and New Year festivities of the North. 

While it might come as a surprise, during the Christmas period Costa del Sol hosts one of the most impressive Christmas lights extravaganza in Europe and runs Christmas Markets, bringing the festivities to the south. The Christmas Market in the main square of Puerto Banús, for example, is teeming with arts and crafts stalls, food and even a skating rink. 

When it comes to Christmas customs, Costa del Sol offers some unique ones, deep-rooted in tradition:

  • Christmas miniatures – detailed and complex nativity scenes adorned with tiny figures and working models depicting the story of Christmas is one of the biggest and most popular traditions in Costa del Sol.
  • Christmas concerts – the festivities wouldn’t be complete without the holiday concerts featuring traditional songs. These are usually accompanied by traditional zambomba instruments, organ recitals or classic choir concerts.
  • Three Kings Parade – probably the most exciting night of the new year. The Three Kings parade takes place on the evening of 5th of January through all Costa del Sol resorts. 

Christmas and New Year’s Eve travel – best with private jets

Some of the most festive destinations to make this year’s Christmas and New Year that much more special lie off the usually treaded paths. Small towns and unique villages scattered across Europe aren’t as easily accessible – and that is their true charm. It also could become a fair challenge when planning a holiday – flexibility, convenience and comfort play an important role when it comes to travelling. 

With some airports either being far off from the locations or airlines offering multiple stops on your way to one of the festive destinations, private jet charter service providers – with a proven track record nonetheless – are your way to go for that perfect magical winter holiday the moment you set your foot on a plane. 

While each hire company is different and has different levels of requirements, they can make come true, choosing a well-established private jet charter is always a smart choice. They have the experience when it comes to making impossible possible – like taking you and your loved ones to the most remote destinations on Earth – all with ease, speed and comfort.