5 Best ways to remove plagiarism from in research paper

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5 Best ways to remove plagiarism from in research paper

One of the most difficult types of writing is academic writing. It is because you have to research deeply on a given topic and write specifically for that without getting plagiarism. 

It has been seen that students have made it a habit to plagiarize their work including their research papers. As per a study by the Center for Academic Integrity, around 80% of college students have admitted that they have submitted plagiarized material. 

With this stat, you can estimate how common it has been to plagiarize the content and don’t take it seriously. No doubt, professors take serious actions against this kind of activity but all in vain. 

A common claim by the students is that they are unable to find a way to make their work unique. Also, they reported that the plagiarism in their papers is accidental but not intentional.

In this blog, we are going to show you what is plagiarism in your research paper. Also, we will tell you how you can avoid plagiarism while writing your paper. Let’s get started! 

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What is Plagiarism in a research paper?

Plagiarism means using another author’s words and ideas without giving him credit. It has become common to adopt this activity with the students when they are unable to write on a topic. 

It is an unethical act that is prohibited in almost all regions of the world. Many professors consider plagiarism a serious problem and take instant action against their students. 

There is no doubt that you have to research data from the internet to make your paper worthy. Without proper research, you will not be able to write a research paper even if you have worked a lot in that subject. 

The reason is it won’t be considered the right way to work in your field without the acknowledgment of the previous researchers. But it does not mean plagiarizing your paper by adding their findings and facts as it is. 

Another common reason behind plagiarism in a research paper is self-repetition. When a student is writing his paper, he may not have enough set of words or terms to use in his paper. 

As a result, he might be repeating his words in the entire paper in different sections. It does not matter whether you are getting plagiarism because of self-repetition or copying accidentally, you will have to face the music. 

Therefore, it would be better to avoid plagiarism while writing the paper from scratch. Here we have summed up the guide in 5 best tips for your ease. Just read about them and learn how to do this. 

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Best Ways to remove plagiarism from a research paper

  • Rewrite Carefully 

The most important step in our list is related to rewriting. As we have mentioned earlier that it is important to write some facts from other published papers and journals. 

But it does not mean copying and pasting them as it is. To write supporting lines in your paper, you must have to rewrite them first. While rewriting, there are two common situations that you might be facing. 

The first one is that you may be getting plagiarism because of a limited set of words. The second one is meanings replacement while rewriting those sentences. 

You should have to keep both points in your mind while rewriting sentences to write in your paper as supporting material. You need to understand the concept behind that passage that you want to rewrite. 

If you are still unable to reword that part to make it unique, you need to use a plagiarism remover. It is a specific tool that can help you in removing plagiarism from your given text by rewriting it. 

To use this tool, you only have to copy the original text and paste it into its text insertion box. After that, you have to click on the Remove Plagiarism button to get started. 

It will take a few minutes and display unique content that would be free from plagiarism. In this way, you can keep the quality of your work maintained and make it unique too. 

  • Track Sources 

Whether you are using a plagiarism remover or doing it manually, you need to take a record of sources. It would be helpful for you in referencing those facts and supporting your paper. 

By adding sources, you will be able to make your paper worthy to read as well as avoid plagiarism. When you have cited the source, it won’t be considered plagiarized because you are doing credit to the author. 

Moreover, it would also let you ignore those sentences that have found matches with the original sentences. In short, you have to track the record of sources and cite them where necessary. 

  • Add Quotation 

Sometimes, you may neither be able to rewrite nor be able to cite the source because you may have to copy lines as it is. If you are working in a popular field for writing a research paper, it may not be rare for you. 

In such a condition, you have to put quotations around that line or passage. It will show that you have copied that specific part from another paper. 

In academic writing, quoted text is not considered plagiarized when a student has given a reference to a specific paper. It happens normally when you have to state laws related to your subject or definitions that can’t be rewritten or replaced. 

So, you have to put quotation marks around those sentences and give reference to the source too. To cite the source, you should have to check the requirements of your paper because you have to confirm whether you need APA format or MLA format. 

  • Use Multiple Papers

Data research is the backbone of any research paper. Without enough research, you will not be able to get uniqueness in your work or make it worthy. 

But it has been seen that students get to work after reading one or two papers maximum. Keep in mind that it would be harmful to your work in both uniqueness and credibility dimensions. 

It is because you will not be able to make your engaging or worthy to read. So, you have to take ample time to research on your topic. It is compulsory to read multiple papers related to your topic online or get them printed for better understanding. 

In short, you have to use multiple papers instead of sticking to one or two papers or books. 

  • Add Your Findings 

Last but not least, you should not rely only on researched data and modify it theoretically. Whether your field is theoretical or practical, it is important to find something that has not been there in any other paper. 

By adding your findings, you will be able to make your work authentic and unique too. It will add novelty to your research paper that will engage the readers of your paper for a long time. 

Final Say 

In this blog, we have shown all the aspects due to which you can get plagiarism in your research paper. We have also discussed the tips by reading and understanding which you will be able to avoid plagiarism. 

To secure a better rank, you should need focus on the writing process and try not to copy other authors’ writing styles.

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