3 Things to Know Before Choosing Cremation

Charlotte Miller

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3 Things to Know Before Choosing Cremation

Cremation is quickly becoming the main option for many Americans, but is it the right choice for you?  These are the top three things most people should know about cremation and whether or not it’s a good idea!

Why Should I Pick Cremation?

Cremation is one of the best options for anyone out there!  Not only does it take up far less land than the average burial does, but it also gives your loved ones a chance to carry a piece of you around with them.

A cremation is a fantastic option for anyone who wants to save money as well!  This is an affordable end-of-life option that is far more attainable than embalming.

1- You Can Still Have a Funeral and Service

Many think that choosing cremation means they’re giving up a chance to have a funeral, but that’s not always the case!  Being cremated doesn’t mean you can’t have a funeral or memorial service!

In fact, many who get cremated have a wake or memorial before and then another service later when it’s time to scatter or divide the ashes.

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2- You Can Help Build a Legacy For Yourself By Donation

Donation is one of the best ways to pass your body on and continue helping the world.  Whether you want to be an organ donor, donate your entire body to science, or both: it’s important that you know how helpful this is.

Our bodies are one of the best teaching tools that young doctors and medical professionals can use, and helps them complete their training faster with hands-on experience.

3- Shop Around Instead of Settling Immediately

When you start shopping around to look at what a cremation cost will be for different businesses, it’s important that you don’t just settle on the first company to get back to you.  Although most funeral homes and crematories are secretive about their prices for fear of being undercut by competitors, it’s important that you know what you’re dealing with.

This can allow you to set aside money specifically for these costs, so they don’t have to come out of your family’s pocket.

When and How Do I Make These Plans?

You may worry you’ve missed your chance if you don’t plan early, but don’t fear!  You can make plans for what you’d like done after you pass at any time.  To do this, you need to get it in writing and, in many states, have it notarized when you sign it.  Check your state or city’s laws for what’s necessary.  Every area has its own set of rules, and it’s important to follow the local ones.

You should also let your family members know what your plans are.  Although this can scare some, especially if you’re young, let them know you just want to make sure there are no questions about what you want to be done in case anything happens- but that you’re okay and safe.

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Cremation Can Be a Great Choice!

Cremation is one of the most popular ways to put a body to rest and is quickly taking over the funeral industry.  If you’re considering this end-of-life plan, make sure to let people know!