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For many years, the creation and modification of PDF documents was a taboo as the tools to complete that type of operation for free were rather limited and often it was necessary to rely on extremely complex and expensive solutions.

The creation of PDFs starting from an existing document, to date, is integrated in almost all modern operating systems or in the document creation programs themselves but, when it comes to editing existing PDFs, the business is still a bit complex.

In this regard we want to present Wondershare PDFelement for Windows, a really efficient tool for editing and converting existing documents and creating new PDFs: from novice to expert, it is a software that can be used by practically anyone despite some small but surmountable hitch. Its OCR technology is capable of recognizing documents in multiple languages (supporting more than 20 languages), and converting them into editable and modifiable PDF documents.

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Wondershare PDFelement – The Features

Once you have downloaded the program from the link you will find below, just double click on it to start the installation procedure, bearing in mind that by default Wondershare PDFelement provides for participation in the Software Usage Analysis program; if you want to prevent it, all you have to do is click on “Customize inst” and remove the check mark next to the item, then proceed normally.

Once opened, the program presents itself with an apparently spartan interface, with a series of items that allows you to perform all the most common operations on PDFs: the creation of a new PDF, the modification of an existing PDF, the merging of multiple PDF and converting PDF documents to other formats.

Focusing for a moment on the modification of existing PDFs, it must be said that the program from our tests was able to recognize all the components of the PDF documents with which we tried it, with the possibility therefore to modify the existing text, to view the font and dimensions, to shrink or enlarge pre-existing images and so on.

Surely the most interesting part of the program is that of being able to add a huge amount of elements to existing or new PDFs, including:

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text fields;

annotations and highlights;

hypertext links;


freehand shapes;


headers and footers;

progressive numbering;


form elements (radio, checkbox, multiple lists, fields for free and digital signatures) …

…and much more. For additions that require customization (for example watermarks, stamps, headers and so on) Wondershare PDFelement allows you to define the various aspects thanks to the various dedicated panels, accessible mostly by double clicking on the element to be modified (or selecting the element to create).

The heart of Wondershare PDFeditor are the various ribbon-like toolbars that the program makes available to complete the various operations; particularly:

the HOME bar allows you to access the most common operations, including adding text, OCR (requires a plugin) and converting to Word, Excel, PPT, image, plain text and several other formats (epub, ebook and so on);

Convert PDF to epub

the DISPLAY bar allows you to intervene on the viewing modes of the open document (zoom, arrangement);

the ANNOTATION bar allows you to insert text, highlights, shapes and annotations;

the EDIT bar allows you to modify elements already present in the PDF, to add images and any OCR acquisitions (a separate plugin must be purchased);

the PAGE bar allows you to intervene on the pages of the currently open document by adding new ones, eliminating one or more, rotating them, cutting them, dividing them or extrapolating the elements;

the MODULES bar allows you to add characteristic elements of a fillable form, including text boxes, multiple choice menus, buttons, radios, simple and digital signature fields and much more, with the possibility of importing any existing forms;

the PROTECTION bar, in my opinion one of the most important of this program, allows you to set a password to protect the document, possibly modify the existing one and add a digital signature for authentication.

Finally, by going to the HELP item, you can access the program’s FAQs, the user guide (online), the Wondershare social page and various other features that can guide the user to discover the program.

Also interesting is the FILE panel, present at the top left, which allows you to access what are the classic operations on files – opening a new file, conversion, printing, sharing via the cloud, size optimization.

Finally, the Options item allows you to access the program’s general options.

Final remarks

Despite the apparently sparse and somewhat spartan interface, it must be admitted that this program is quite powerful and does exactly what it promises to do and, in most cases, does it well.

A small note should be made for conversions from PDF to another format: although in principle these are acceptable, it is absolutely necessary to follow the precise guidelines of the format in which you intend to export (for example ePub) in order to avoid unwanted elements or formatting wrong.

This, however, is not due to the quality of the program – which is still excellent – but to the precise and strict rules to be followed for converting a PDF to another format.

PDFelement seems to be more aimed at collaborative work because it is rich in various kinds of features that allow users to collaborate with others. For example you can easily point out which part of the text is wrong (by highlighting or bolding it). You can also provide notes that can be read by your colleagues in order to improve the PDF document. And last but not least, you can apply passwords to sensitive parts of the text.

Download & License

Although we have had the opportunity to try this licensed program, we would like to tell you that Wondershare PDFelement is downloadable, installable and usable for free in an unlimited trial version; however, in case of saving unlicensed documents, the program will add a watermark to the resulting PDF pages. If you don’t want the PDFelement watermark in your files, you could consider a purchased a license to remove the product watermark and make your own!

Find more information HERE.

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