Why Yard Signs Are the Perfect Way for Small Businesses to Reach Out

Charlotte Miller

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Small businesses that sell locally are usually under a lot of pressure to generate traffic cost-effectively due to the limitations of their advertising and marketing budgets. With the focus on making their money go further, yard signs can play an integral part in their local marketing activities. A brief look at some of the main benefits of using yard signs for local business promotion:


If you compare yard sign advertising to other kinds of business publicity, you will discover that it is unarguably the cheapest method of advertising your business to the local audience. While billboards, direct mail, or buying spots on the radio or TV can easily set you back by several thousand dollars, yard signs can be bought at even less than a dollar apiece, especially if you take advantage of the regular sales held by the leading yard sign manufacturers.

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Effective in Spreading the Word

According to research, around 85% of your customers are likely to be living within a five-mile radius of your business. This makes advertising with yard signs ideal as most of your target audience will be in a position to see them. Since these signs are affordable, lightweight, and easy to set up, you can buy them in bulk, you can erect them at all the high-traffic points in your locality, or even move them around from one place to another to get wider exposure. The low cost of blank yard signs makes it possible for even small businesses to use them strategically for their marketing campaigns. They can target their potential customers with different messages from time to time to drive sales promotions and raise the awareness of their brands.

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Uncomplicated but Powerful Medium of Advertising

To take advantage of yard signs, a small business owner does not need to be an expert in marketing. There is no need to follow the latest marketing trends, conduct complicated demographic research, or even know traffic density and volume to make your marketing campaign successful. Nobody knows your customers and your community better than you, so you will be the best judge on what the marketing message should be on where you should put up the yard signs. Businesses can boost their community involvement to connect better with their audiences, according to Forbes.

Versatile and Durable

Yard signs are structurally very simple, which makes them easy to transport and set up wherever you want with basic tools. You can easily change the advertising message as frequently as you want or even move the signs to different locations to ensure better coverage. Most of the good-quality yard signs are made from sheets of lightweight but strong sheets of corrugated plastic mounted on galvanized iron poles. The printing is done with bright and high-gloss inks that are resistant to fading due to the bright sunlight and exposure to the elements.


Yard signs are popular with local businesses because they are affordable, easy to install, and durable. They can be put up at various locations in the proximity of their businesses to deliver the maximum exposure of your brand and marketing message.